when i was a child i was abducted by aliens

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  1. What happened to OP is 100% true
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    We may not understand the brain much, but they do. They care not for our intentions, only their own agenda. Even though they have no empathy for us and their intentions for us are at best unsettling, there is no reason to fear them. It would be like the fish fearing the angler.

    Do not worry.

    We always have the one vibration. They know what it is that they cannot take away and what most of us don't know we have. We are safe even if our existence that we as a collective have come to know understand and accept as true can be threatened and even annihilation without much effort on their part.

    Also, out of curiosity, any chance you have any strange small scars? There have been many reports of "chips" implanted in people's bodies after the claim of an alien abduction. The chips are made of meteorite-like, extre-terrestrial, material.

  3. I read that last paragraph as an ancient aliens voiceover
  4. All that was missing was the "according to what ancient alien theorists believe"
  5. I believe your story.

    This phenomena is far too common, too similar in detail

    The majority of people telling these stories choose to remain anonymous.

    Why? Why would they want their name hidden if they were telling this story for attention and public recognition?
  6. Becuase the accounts could be fabriacted by someone who writes books about this sort of stuff because they want to make money.
  7. Did they probe your butt?
  8. Yeah I'd say that remaining anonymous is a good motive to hide lies.
  9. uh oh and so it begins....this should be fun.

    Regardless of what anyone says OP you clearly know what you experienced and nobody can remove that from you.

    They have nothing to gain from harming us. They are a species capable of life completely reworked and more sophisticated than ours.

    They have learned how to live in peace with their differences. The question of E.T existence is not whether or not they exist, but when we will discover them on a large scale, or when they will present themselves to us.

    E.Ts possess cosmic technology much greater than ours, if they wanted to invade our planet and demolish our race and steal our resources...well they could have done that a long while ago.
  10. .

    Positive reinforcement, best way to train a dog. That alien was a human whisperer..
  11. whether it's real or not, dreams have a lasting affect on us. so you should use this knowledge wisely my son.
  12. I never got too go to chuckie cheese when I was a child.

  13. Welcome to the new world.
  14. This is fuckin bullshit, i want to get abducted by aliens.
  15. Lmao me too
  16. It'd be like fuck it, lemme stay.

    you can finger me all day.
  17. The same thing happened to me last night... ha ha ha

  18. ha ha ha
  19. I wish I could be abducted by aliens.
  20. I've seen a UFO it was amazing. I thought I saw a shooting star and it was shooting across the sky and then it just stopped for about a second or two and then shot in the opposite direction.

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