when i was a child i was abducted by aliens

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by stenod, Mar 28, 2012.

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  2. i didnt always get abducted by aliens as a child, but when i did, they played the intergalactic rapists :devious:
  3. hm, a guy I know told me he had a similar experience with aliens, being abducted and what not, but no overwhelming euphoric sensations
  4. I have abducted aliens in my time.
  5. OP I believe you... The greys have a treaty and are allowed to abduct so many ppl a year... However they have been exceeding the agreed numbers for some time now ... They are cold creatures

  6. yes they are...

    even more chilling is how deceptively they can fake warmth. I think they sensed that to get what they wanted from me I would have to feel completely comfortable and accepted, so this is what they gave me...

    it's like the opposite of torture. they want answers, but instead of making something bad happen when I don't answer, they made something good happen when I did.... if that makes sense
  7. I had a dream around that age I thought was real till I found out it was fake. (I thought my uncles house had a talking moose head on the wall and it scared the fuck outta me! That was the earliest dream I can remember.) Theres just no way to prove that you didn;t get abducted, so that must hvae stuck with you
  8. you should watch the movie mysterious skin
  9. Where do you live how did it happen
  10. I had a dream.... Or at least I think I had a dream of where I went to kindergarten with only a shirt on. I had no pants or underwear. I remember standing at the doorway and everyone staring at me and I looked down and I saw my penis and I just stood there like whattttt
  11. ive had dreams where i died and it actually felt real and i woke up drenched in sweat and completely tense.

  12. This has happened to me. Or I'd get injured and can actually feel it. I've been shot n the arm in a dream and woke sore
  13. this guy fucked an alien
  14. I agree.. N I believe ur story
  15. Freddy got fingered.
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    Abunch of fuckin' cynics on this thread!

    Someone claims abduction, and all of a sudden he's in drug psychosis, lying, or mistaking his memories for something like sleep paralysis or an out-of-body experience.
    None of you are going to persuade him away from what he believes happened; but continue on, spewing out supposed "down to earth" theories on what REALLY happened in efforts to sound informed and knowledgable.

    Personally I think his story gives good stock to the benevolent alien theory; Of course, it could of all been a facade in order to get you to spill the beans. Probably more likely.

    The only two cents I have to offer though is that I've never heard of or experienced sleep paralysis that came with feelings of ecstasy. It's always been mass amounts of fear and terror or just delirium; never heard of anything different. So with that being said, I don't think SP really fits.

    So yea, Aliens. Nuff' said.
  17. Ive had plenty of sex dreams though involving ecstacy feelings.

    And I would imagine my six year old self would orgasm over a beutiful women touching my hand

  18. ever since this post, we have moved up to position #98! Grasscity movin' up in the Internet world

    anyways... OP i believe you and i think that's insane, insanely awesome and creepy
  19. What qurstions did they ask you OP?
  20. Talk to either AMMACH Project or Project Camelot.

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