when i was a child i was abducted by aliens

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  1. As I've said, I'm not here to try to convince anyone. If you don't believe me that's fine, but do not condescend me by trying to tell me my being abducted is the same as your dream about sucking on dragon balls. You don't know everything and I do not appreciate you trying to insinuate you know my own life better than I do.
  2. wat if its the government using human grade dmt on ppl while there sleeping, ive heard of ppl getting implanted with something and have scars

  3. Not condescending to you at all :confused: I am also not trying to get anyone to believe you or me or otherwise, I left my post as a BIG open ended question on the brain and what it may or may not be capable of.

    I don't appreciate being told I can't discuss my opinions (which aren't even negative or rude towards you in ANY way) just because they differ from yours. This is a DISUCSSION forum. You are bringing up a DISCUSSION about something that is CONTROVERSIAL and UNKNOWN. Sorry you won't get everyone to agree with you, but that's what happens when you post that kind of stuff.

    I was at least being nice. I didn't call you crazy, or say what you dreamed was ridiculous, or anything condescending or rude. You are butthurt that I didn't agree with you or wanna believe your story.
  4. ok I guess I read into your post something that wasn't there. If you find it impossible to believe that this was an abduction, you are entitled to that. I think your Sheldon avatar is just getting under my skin, and you act a bit Sheldon-ish.

  5. I am a nerd. I think logically. So I sound like him. And that's why I have a picture of him smiling like an idiot, to kinda cut the tension (also note the SMELL SHELLY tag I have under my name) that people get from seeing the name, since most people do read into what I am saying thinking I am trying to be arrogant and condescending simply because they attach Sheldon's voice and attitude to MY words.

    I do find the idea of an alien abduction HIGHLY unlikely. My main point to my dbz dream (which REALLY did happen to me, I wasn't fibbing) was that I tried to explain something that happened to me (I thought it was 100% real at the time, and I can still rememeber details of the dream 12-14 years later as if I am experiencing it again) and then I blamed it on aliens at the end. It came off as rude I realize, but it was an exaguration to demonstrate how silly it is to jump to ALIENS whenever something can't be explained.

    Personally? I think you did meet this mother character, somehow. There is A LOT we don't understand about the brain and reality. Shared experiences with OBE and unmentionables only show me that there is a connection between reality, hallucinations, and chemicals that alter the brain. Reality itself could be a massive hallucination created and maintained by your brain.

    I am not anti-what is unknown. I embrace the unknown all the time, for if we don't embrace the unknown we are simply being ignorant, and ignorance is a good way of saying you don't care to wanna learn the truth. I don't embrace aliens though, that is where fantasy turns a turn into crazy land. Sorry.
  6. [quote name='"Pickle McSmurf"']I still remember an Asian milf I fucked in my dreams when I was like 8 or 9.[/quote]

    This made me laugh
  7. i hate it when that happens..
  8. ummm, what questions did she ask you?
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    Hey mom there's something in the back room, hope it's not the creatures from above...

    For those who don't understand the reference, excluding the one and only DrSheldonCooper
  10. [quote name='"jswanny47"']Hey mom there's something in the back room, hope it's not the creatures from above...[/quote]

    She used to read me stories... As if my dreams are boring... We all know conspiracies are dumbbbbbb
  11. Sounds like a lucid dream
  12. some conspiracies of today will be the facts of tomorrow. aliens here on earth are fact, to me at least. maybe you'll see something and come to believe it someday.
  13. Man I watched the big bang theory the other day for the first time watching a full episode, I like it. Sheldon is a great character and the actor does a great job playing the character
  14. just for fun, and lest this become a thread discussing big bang theory,

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  15. Where are these aliens from?
  16. I don't fucking know where they are from man. I was 6 or 7 years old. I wasn't asking them which star their planet was on or something like that. I was scared out of my mind.

    What they were asking me I can't really remember either. It's all a blur after the woman touched me. I've thought about it a lot since then and this is what I believe their purpose was, but again this is just my speculation. Given the way "others," as I've taken to calling them choose to appear to me, in the form of that beautiful woman, of the type I've felt most drawn to my entire life, and the nature of the encounter, almost sexual but involving no nudity, no awareness at all of my dick, and after considering what some interstellar traversing ultra advanced species could possibly care about anything that I knew, I believe that they were interviewing me, in some reverse torture type of way, to find if I held qualities potential for, well... breeding stock. I don't know too much about physiology, and I don't know what reproductive material they could take from a seven year old, I don't know if seven year olds produce sperm at all, so the theory kind of falls apart.
  17. Why did they give you back?
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  19. It probably was all in your head, your brain is more powerful than you know :) Perception can be deceived easily

    But then again, for all we know it really happened...but either way could be true

  20. Dude chill, it's a song lyric I was continuing from the other guy...from a band I love by the way.

    And did you not read the last post I made? I took my time to write that out, and basically was agreeing with you for the most part, just not with the "aliens" part. Why are you soo butthurt that I don't believe in alien interaction with humans? I am trying to be reasonable here. I am allowed to have my own opinions right?

    Why do we have to believe in "aliens"? That is what is so wrong about people who believe in aliens, they are worst than Jehova's witnesses with trying to get you to believe their faith. Everything about it is based in pure speculation and is riddled with rhetoric to prove that aliens are an answer to an unknown situation. Rhetoric is not based in fact, it's the twisting of words to make one believable.

    There are other answers out there than "aliens", and I am on board for almost any other explanation to the unknown, like whatever type of OBE you had a child, than that.

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