when i was a child i was abducted by aliens

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  1. *** sry if this is rather gibberish im pretty drunk right now being cutoff from my drugs of choice, rye my only option, but this story needs to get out

    i didnt remember it for a few months until after it happened. and then i forced myself to believe it was a dream. but now i come to realize the truth about my past for what it is. i was abducted

    here's the story:

    i went to bed.

    i awoke strapped to a chair, like a barber or dentist chair, in a reclining position feet up.

    i couldnt move my arms or legs.

    i was surrounded by greylings, exactly like what you hear about.

    my 6 year old self told them, "Im scared, i just want to go home."

    the greylings disappeared and i was left in the company of only a very beautiful, motherish woman with dark brown wavy hair and big green eyes.

    she told me not to be afraid and she wanted me to answer some questions.

    i was too scared to think straight.

    she told me to give her my hand.

    she took my hand, the beautiful woman, and she caressed my fingertip ever so gently with her thumb pointer and middle fingers. waves of ecstasy unlike anything ive ever felt flowed through my finger, up my arm, into my spine and into my brain. at 6 years old i had an orgasm in my finger and it left me completely contented, responsive to any question the beautiful woman i now trusted so deeply asked of me. when she like my answer i was rewarded with another caress, waves of pleasure therefore wracking my tiny body.

    i came to in my bed and thought the whole thing a dream, but would think of that dream every time i touched myself.

    and all the drugs i can cram into my bloodstream now dont come close to the euphoria of that beautiful womans caress.

    i thought it was a dream for the longest time but i recognize it now for what it was.

    i was abducted.
  2. Sounds like one hell of a finger job
  3. I really want to say something, but I don't know what.
  4. i think u said just right ;)
  5. Pics or... Actually never mind, this didn't happen anyway.
  6. ive had a similar experience...but it happened the last time i based the deems, not went to bed....lol:cool:
  7. Is this your come out of the closet story?
  8. Maybe.. You were really just at the dentist
  9. i wish i could believe this, but what happened happened
  10. I still remember an Asian milf I fucked in my dreams when I was like 8 or 9.
  11. I got it op was molested as a kid and this is the way his brain has decided to repress it
  12. what questions did she ask you?
  13. Hah! Silly fuckin' aliens.:cool:
  14. me and my parents woke up to some men in black in our home once another time my mother and i once woke up with bruises in the exact same spots as each other and i told her "i had a weird ass dream last night" and she told me "me too..."
    some weird shit lol
  15. sorry about all the likes but those were great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and are you sure that wasnt laced pot you were smoking?
  16. to all of you saying im making this up... im not
    the echoes of this have been haunting me throughout my life. i always chasing that pleasure the "others" gave me but can never reach it.
    i cant remember what they asked me but i am sure it has impacted and made me think about things differently than my peers my entire life, up until this day, and im sure beyond.
    how many people, how many stories of these encounters can we report until society at large starts to believe. we arent alone and you cant write all of us off as crazy...
  17. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4h27Rka6Ic]WWE - Mr. McMahon say: You're.. FIRED! - YouTube[/ame]
  18. [quote name='"thelizardkin"']I got it op was molested as a kid and this is the way his brain has decided to repress it[/quote]

    Yup...the mind is a trickster

  19. More like dmt :eek:

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