When I was 13

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  1. I told my parents that I don't believe in God and didn't want to go to church anymore. They said thats fine, but they never gave me another christmas present for the rest of my life. Now I'm 18 in highschool and they still don't. I think because Christmas is about religion and I guess since I don't believe in it they dont think I should get presents? Idk I didn't really think about it all of those 5 years until now. I was never that upset because I wasnt used to getting that many presents anyways.
  2. Equal parts fucked up and justified.

    That is all I can say to this.
  3. What? Care to explain?
  4. My families non-religious and we still celebrate christmas cause its a reason to have family get together: which entails drinking, eating, smoking with the certain members of the family and then some gambling. Yep my family loves our vices and we like to have them all at once if possible.
  5. Sounds fun, goblin :)

    My family still got together, but now im realizing how fucked up it was. My OLDER brother who was 15(when I was 13) got presents and I didnt. I'm not sure why I never got mad.

    edit- Just remembered, they would give me chocolate but thats it! Haha (i love chocolate)
  6. +rep for you. i know a lot of people would pretend to believe just to get presents.

    honestly i think your parents are out of line for not giving you presents just because you don't believe... i mean, the fact that they are giving presents at all kind of distracts from the real purpose for christmas, the birth of christ.

    christmas trees, lights, presents, santa, reindeer, elves, candy canes.... pretty much have nothing to do with the religious aspects of christmas. well, maybe the star at the top of the tree might have something to do with it...

    i'm atheist, however i still celebrate christmas. not necesarily for the birth of christ... but to give to others, appreciate what i have, etc. it's a good holiday if you can look past the commercialism and see the good moral values it has, with or without religion.

    you should give your parents a birhtday cake that says "happy birthday jesus!".... just to see what they'd do, lol...
  7. Well, Christmas is a religous holiday to those that practice it. So by you not practicing their religion you would be no longer entitled to celebrating thier religous holiday. However, who the fuck takes away Christmas?
  8. The catholic church is a corrupt criminal organization of child molesters. i wouldn't want to go to church either.
  9. Thanks for the replies everyone.

    Yeh, if I knew that christmas was being taken away at the time im not sure if I would've expressed my beliefs. Either way, its not like I could take it back. But it might have worked out for the best, lets hope it changed my life in a positive way.

    Parents: Alright, since you don't believe in God you cant have christmas or w/e.
    Me: Oh nevermind I do believe I was just kidding.

  10. I think that's very mean. PLENTY of non-religious people celebrate Christmas, but it is up to the parents I suppose. I don't believe in god and I've always gotten presents

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