When I solved it: " Are we Alone"

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by SuicidalSpaz, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, Spaz here. I'm on my 12th hour of bong rips, and it's been fun.

    I started thinking about Moon Landing Hoax's, and hit up wikipedia.

    next thing I knew, I was checking out the Hubble Telescope.


    You can zoom in ANYWHERE, and find a galaxy and name it.

    It's such a small sliver of the universe, I think the rest is 25million times bigger, or something crazy like that.

    There's something like 10,000 galaxies in THAT small sliver...

    There's no way we're alone. It's impossible. Check it out, it's really quite interesting.
  2. there has to be something else out there man, how could millions and millions of planets not possess life and magically only ours does.

    you know what i mean?
  3. Isnt it weird to think about that what happened here throught out the 100 million years can be happening right now somewhere else?(like dinosaurs,different species,different psychoactives?? lol)
    For all we know there could be a civilization just like us somewhere else.
  4. I like to think that there's like 5 different planets and 2 of them wanna take over Earth for our totally awesome mind expanding substances and the other 3 got our back and are fighting off the other 2 planets with big fat joints to keep them all cool and happy
  5. Word, i love watching shit about astronomy and the universe while baked...It really shows you how small we really are...


    here is a gif i stared into for a good 40 minutes when i was baked one time...shows you how small we really are
  6. oh and nj crew in here strong
  7. holy shit dude. that gif is crazy. I really can't comprehend how small we are. I mean, I understand how small... but it's seriously just incomprehensible. thats the only word that comes to mind.
  8. I would volunteer to be one of the first individuals to experiment with other universe/planets' strains of herb, most definitely. Just imagine, Andromeda Kush, Jupiter Haze..
  9. wow that gif really shows hows fucking insiginficant we really are
  10. i love this concept. i love getting blazed and staring into the starry night and thinking about this. somewhere out there, millions of miles away, theres some sort life that is nowhere near the same as on earth.
  11. So, I think I want to be an astronomer, dealing with deep space...

    Chillin in an observatory baked as fuck naming planets and shit? I'm down, haha.
  12. i agree XD
  13. Hey Spaz, good to see you're still alive and kickin' here on the City.

    I don't believe we are alone in the universe; the next world war will bring forth a new reusable energy source allowing us to populate other planets -- uncovering the mysteries of the universe along the way.
  14. Yeah , its nothin new . It does appear to me that there have been ufo cover ups, and actual sightings and possible correspondence throughout history .

    Somethings that i have heard that make sense :

    the govment has covered up many ufo sightings and crashes. this has led them to reverse engineer what they could of et spacecraft.

    Also , too think about , and somewhat comprehend how vast the universe is, it would be unscientific to think there are NOT any other forms of life .

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