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When I smoked last night..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by VAD3R, May 11, 2011.

  1. I got the munchies like usual. I had a box of Wheat Thins sitting next to my bed. They have only been there for a week or two. I start to munch on my munchables and when I got to the bottom of the box, I felt something tickling my arm. I just kept munching until I felt it again. Turns out there were ants in the box! I was chomping down on Wheat Thins and ants. Ofc I proceeded to finish the box because I am not wasteful. Haha.

    Tl;dr - smoked > hungry > ate wheat thins > got to bottom of box > turns out I was also eating ants.

    No, I did not actually finish the box. I threw it out.
  2. ewwwwwwwwww

  3. I completely agree with this and the use of boldness. I think I heard that bugs are a decent source of protein...if you like need to eat something to survive...
  4. Nice! added protein
  5. protein
  6. No protein in ants. Sorry to disappoint people.

  7. Everything contains proteins. Try again! Even DNA is protein. :)
  8. si .
  9. I eat ants all the time.
  10. One time when I was around 10 I unwrapped a tootsie pop(we had bag in our cupboard for a while). I stuck it in my mouth without looking and it tasted overwhelmingly spicy. I looked at it and there were a bunch of dead ants on it.
  11. fail

    Insects are pack full of protein.
  12. #14 VAD3R, May 12, 2011
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    Haha, nice. ;)
  13. Makes you wonder how much other stupid shit you've done and not found out about...
    I've gone through 3 bowls of capn crunch without noticing that there was a small spiders nest in the box.
    did I mention that I have an arachnophobia?
    i shat brix

  14. :eek: ..did u finish? :ey:
  15. At least they weren't roaches... I'd vomit for days if I found out I was eating roaches.
  16. Damn, that shit would be fucking terrible.

    I cant stand bugs, none of them. If I see them or whatever its cool, but if the crawl on me or my shit, I cant stand it.

    Now I know why every time I eat, I automatically turn on every light in the room to full blast(lots of dimmers in my house).

    Everyone always bitches about the lights being to bright whenever I eat, but hey, I like to see what Im putting in my mouth very well, and its my house, so they can fuck off haha..
  17. >"I proceeded to finish the box because I am not wasteful."


    >"No, I did not actually finish the box. I threw it out."

    lolwut bro

  18. No I took two steps to the sink and proceeded to watch my mouth out. I do check every lollipop now though.

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