When i smoke weed i lose control of all my muscles, and feel paranoid

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by Itzapissa, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. This just happened recently to me. I dont have muscle spasms and i dont have any problems with my muscles on a regular daily basis. But these days whenever i smoke i first get paranoid, that every one hates me and judges me. Then i get paranoid thinking people are recording me. And i keep thinking over and over again about things that paranoi me. and finally i lose control of my muscles. It gets to the point where i cant smile any longer and from peoples views i look like i hate everyone. As losing control of my muscles i also lose control of my butt muscles and fart without knowing. (A lot)

    Any one know what i can do to get these control back? Do i go see a doctor? While some people would be like "oh thats cool. A relaxation to the body" but its anything BUT to me.
    It makes me feel depressed and wont let me speak either.
  2. Smoke less, there is no reason to get totally blasted every time.
    A nice mellow high will be more to your liking.

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  3. When I smoke even a little sumtimes I feel like I am gonna die or have a hart attack and my chest feels funny and I got to touch it with my hands and stuff. But I was never like that before anyone no what is happening or what I can do. I really want to smoke weed again and have fun even one puff and I have like pan
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  4. Panic attacks
  5. Chew peppercorns about an hour before your session, or keep some fresh black pepper nearby. Sniff just a little if you start feeling it, do not snort it.

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  6. I love you
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  7. Are you being serious or just trying to say I am a pussy.lol I can do any other drug and not have the issue. I am a recovering opioid user and want to stick to only weed. So if this is a remedy then I would try it
  8. I would never say that to anyone. I am being serious, there are a few threads here that discuss it. I believe it has something to do with terrapins being very similar. Let me see if I can find the thread(s).

    There it is, there is also a nice one on Leafly;
    Cannabis Black Pepper.

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  9. If ICGreen is Saying this than you can surely believe him
    Man of his word.
    And a Great Facts Checker too boot LOL
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  10. Thanks for the info I will have to try the pepper and you no any other ways to not get anxiety when smoking
  11. IMG_1084.JPG IMG_1086.JPG IMG_1091.JPG IMG_1097.JPG Hear are my girls btw
  12. Not really, I have heard a few say that their environment and the type of weed strain makes a difference.
    They usually want to be somewhere they are most comfortable, with (or without) friends they can relax around. They stay away from purer Sativa strains that make their minds very active. Have liquid available. Some even picture the pleasantries of the session ahead of time and mentally practice what to do to ease out of any building anxiety. Mental assimilation, if you will.

    Enjoy your tokes and a belated Welcome to Grasscity.

  13. I actually twitch quite a bit when I get extra blasted.

    No vertigo, no paranoia and no loss of motor skills though.

    I've never found out what the cause of this is nor has it ever become bothersome. I had a friend with a form of tourettes where he had some pretty jerky muscle spasms. It is very similar to this.

    Not sure if this is related but if anyone comes up with something, maybe it will pertain to both of us.
  14. try and just find a strain that likes you and does what you want ...there is one for you and that same one might make someone else have those symptoms.

    keep trying different ones until you get one you can smoke like chimney but not feel adverse side effects ....don't know which one to recommend but I believe variety has all to do with what's happening to you..

    good luck and keep us posted

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  15. You learned this from Neil Young, huh?
  16. I tryed a bunch of different strains the best was NYC diesel I have medical man seeds hopefully that will work out for me my white widow plants are 5 weeks from done growing two

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