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    Guy on another thread asked : (below)

    Then it reminded me of..

    One day we got pulled in my friends car and with it being not tinted i could barley move without the pig seeing me. They had the light pointed at us so we were in such plain view.

    The pipe and shit was in my hand which was by my mouth. I placed the bag and the top of my metal pipe ( the part with the grass) in my mouth.

    I get pulled out and felt up and the car gets checked. We get cuffed and placed in the squad car while they continue to search because they swear they can smell it but they cant find it.

    10min later the cop asks me ..."Wheres the weed"

    So i couldn't say shit cuz i had a mouth full ~*no pun intended*

    I turned my head and acted like I didnt hear him so that I can look away, I Swallowed the pipe top and the grass.

    He then repeated very loudly
    Wheres the Weed!

    I replied "What Weed" With the breath of a mary jane tree and THC all in my respiratory

    They let us out, uncuffed us, told us " Dont Smoke Pot" !

    2 Days later the pipe head came out no problem it was metal and about the size of a penny. I did stress it the next day tho I was tripping over having that shit inside me.

    If you've made it this far Like This Shit "LTS"

  2. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPk_P11GlW8]Black Woman Saying "Oh Hell No" (From Smosh) - YouTube[/ame]
  3. Thats crazy OP. One of my buddies got busted, and when he got booked and they stripped searched him, they found 6 rolls in his butt lol
  4. did it hurt coming out? Any blood?
  5. Ha, No, I know what your thinking.. I was trippin too but it was small and rounded so it slipped right through! I sure did trip while it was in me... But now looking back, it was totally worth it.

  6. might not be that lucky next time. aka bloody shit
  7. Lucky you didn't get caught. Dumb cops, lucky you.
  8. You're lucky you didn't choke.
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    Honestly I didnt think twice about the choking part. It was small enough . It was a metal pipe that comes apart and looks like random pieces of metal, the part with the grass is all i swallowed its like the size of 6-8 Pennies on top of eachother.

    After bush passed the no child left behind law, If you get caught with possession you are not eligible for financial aid!

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