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When I get high, I think everyone is mad at me

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hitandrun2293, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. Ok, for the past few times I've gotten high, I think everyone is mad at me! And they'll say stuff and I think they are mocking things I said when I was high. So then I ask them, why are you guys mad at me, and they're like "we're not mad at you"... Am I just being paranoid? Like all my deep inner thoughts about people, they will bring up and mock, and then I'm like, wtf?? Did I say those things aloud when I was high and I can't remember them? or am I just imagining this? So then I get super confused. And I just get very hostile vibes from everyone.

    Can someone explain this, and how do I make this not occur in the future? I have been smoking for a few months, but this has happened just the past few times I've smoked. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I've been smoking sativa dominant, really potent stuff whereas before it was mostly schwag-mids of more indica dominant stuff?
  2. Probably just schizophrenia.
  3. If they are mocking you, that necessarily doesn't mean they are mad at you.
  4. Are you generally self conscious when not high? Probably just amplified.
  5. Could just be paranoia dude. I remember a few years back the summer I first started smoking in highschool, my mom made me go on this church trip for like a week. We were traveling across the country in a tour bus thing, and I had brought some bud with me. When we got off for like 30 minutes to go eat I went with a few kids and smoked like two bowls and we were super high. For the next hour or two I thought I was hearing people say shit like "whats wrong with him," "why does he keep looking back here," "something stinks," but it wasn't even like it was audible, I wasn't even sure if it was real. I think I was so paranoid that my mind was taking parts of words people were saying and making it sound like what I didn't want to hear. I was just sitting there looking out the window hear self-conscious things like that, I asked the kids I toked with earlier if anyone was saying things like that when we got off for our next rest stop (they were sitting right next to me and would be the only people talking that I could hear close enough to understand), but they're like "no dude no one even talked about it smelling or you, you were just sitting there." I was paranoid as fuck then, for some reason. Maybe I should have felt guilty? Who knows.

    What does this have to do with you? It's all in your head man, sometimes your body reacts that way and gets paranoid, the more you smoke the more you understand it can be just a side effect and you don't let it bother you. Now that I think about it, its funny we get paranoid, I just laugh at it because the paranoid thoughts aren't real and I have no reason to be paranoid, most of the time at least.
  6. Maybe you didn't come out of the closet yet?
  7. Take a dose of "don't give a fuck" and call me in the morning.:cool:
  8. HAHA i know exactly what you mean. Whenever I'm high i feel like not that everyone's mad but just that everyone knows. Especially when in a public place such as mall, park ect.
  9. Yup ^^^ just enjoy the high ride
  10. Probably self-consious or insecurity related. As recently as last night i still trip out and feel like i'm making an idiot out of myself when i'm trying to make conversation with my mates while we are getting a smoke - it all goes quiet, i start saying shit just to get the ball rolling but i end up feeling retarded.

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