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When I get high... I don't feel the same as I once did.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by StrainParty, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. I don't feel the same as I first did when I smoked for my first time.

    When I smoked for my first time I felt a bit of...
    - Hallucinations.
    - Laughing.
    - Relaxation.
    - High. :smoking:

    Those are all the feelings I want back from getting high.

    Now after a month of maybe smoking a bowl a day or less...
    - It feels very mellow and almost like nothing changes (of course I feel a bit of weight off my shoulders & head but other than that, it's the same as if I didn't get stoned), nothing like the feeling that I used to get. :(
  2. Take a t-break and quit over thinking it dude..doesn't even sound you like smoke very much so it shouldn't be a problem. Or maybe you are getting shittier weed?

    What do you want us to do about it?
  3. lol, It's called tolerance, you have to take some breaks, and manage your intake.
  4. So it pretty much revolves around taking a t-break? The weed I have been getting is dank / fire and have no complaints at all.

    I do agree with what you said, I do over think things way to much and maybe that could be what's killing my high? Hmm... A lot to think about.

  5. No, it's just your tolerance. Take a 2 week break.

  6. Damn that feels like im getting put in jail for 2 weeks. :p

  7. Ask anyone who's ever taken a T-Break, It's worth it.
  8. What LSD said- don't overthink it. Just enjoy your high as it comes and goes, don't make it something it's not. I used to feel the way bro

    Best advice I can offer
  9. Has anyone felt like talking to everyone, but still wanted to be left alone?
  10. Not true just went without weed for like 3 weeks and smoked some kief and not THATTT high just like normal again :/ nothign crazy haha
  11. Or grow some real
  12. I notice smoking more than once a day = not getting very high, and not baked at all after the first smoke of the day
  13. Your lucky, cause it bothers you and you can understand it differently by the answers of others knowledge. Your first time smoking you do hallucinate, my first time was horrible and i didn't enjoy at all.

    My first time smoking was a blunt, my step brother smoked with me and wow he was just a pretty cool dude big stoner haha but me and 2 friends went to a pool to swim at night and when my step brother mason got to my house my mom told him where we were and he rolled a 2 gram blunt THC levels like 18% so pretty good, then we got out of the pool and started walking back and he was like "you wanna smoke this" and i just said sure and my mom told him i can smoke with him if he doesn't do stupid crap, and when i hit the blunt (first time) i took big hits cause at first in your throat its smooth and doesn't bother it and when i let it out i started coughing and threw up a little bit, then we walked by a fire station and i just fell on the ground and passed out and they started trying to wake me and after like 10 minutes they got me up, then my dumb a** brother (friend but considered brother) Harland threw a rock at the station and everyone one ran cause my house was 3 blocks away and i fell on the ground started looking around and seeing crazy shit all over the place but i heard something very scary that night and i suddenly got the erg to jump to my feet and run to my house the fastest i have ever run my heart was like a long beep cause there was no space between my heart beats it had a constant sound of a constant beat and i was freaking out once i got home and my eyes had no white (when i smoke now they get red but not near as bad) they were unbelievably red and felt like they were on fire, but i sat outside one night after that very mad cause my EX was flirting with my brother Harland and i sat outside with anger keeping my body warm, it was a bad feeling i was in my room, then i saw them and got up walked outside and sat down thinking but i was so mad cause i still liked her, and i don't know what it was but i started thinking about how that would be better then still going for her and i just let it be i started feeling peace (soon after first time smoking) i then looked into things that marijuana did in the brain and its an amazing thing, there is brain receptors that only react and activate with THC, so marijuana is made for us and bring peace to the ones you use it for knowledge such as myself, i have been smoking marijuana for roughly 4 years now and i no longer consider it "a high" for me its all about knowledge.

    Marijuana has affected me the past about 2 months the most i spent almost 500$ on it but the only time i smoke is at night, i go out back and stare at the stars and think, its an amazing feeling once you find knowledge of everything in anything then you are aware of reality and that is what this world needs to do to reach world peace.

    We need love and giving, if people focused on only those 2 aspects of life then there would be no need for government, no president, no law, that isn't hard to achieve and marijuana is key to doing that cause it brings us to a more aware life with understanding of it, and if you think about it and love and giving is all we have, then love covers our emotions and keeps things at peace, then if we give and don't see value in things and love everyone then there will no longer be a "need" for more material objects cause by giving anybody can acquire anything by any person. And those 2 aspects of life could change the world until someone disagrees and ruins it by manipulating people like the world is now, we are influenced by everything and told lies in school only because we are young and wont question anything we are told in school, most is false and by doing research you can find out, that's all we need, if you believe in this statement then copy and paste this to the bottom of your next message and spread the word of giving and love, go give something to someone who feels they have nothing, be the change in someones life give someone the hope of a brighter side, we just need to break out of this illusion and trap and and us as a group of stoners can spread this word because most of the stoners who take time to make an account on here may be more interested into marijuana but there is a lot, we as a group need to spread love and the idea of giving, if you give something to someone you will impact their whole life and that memory of giving and kindness will be in their subconscious forever you must be the next one to change a live, you can do it breaking out of the illusion and changing to a brighter side of life is tough i know and we think people judge us but the more people who change then the more people it will affect, just make some changes in your life, if you sin and learn that what you were doing was a sin then you have learned something but if you continue to sin after knowing you are sinning well that's bad and i'm telling you right now every human sins, lots don't think anything of it but the only reason you sin and think badly is cause of the idea your living your life around like music that influences you incredibly no matter what genre, keep that in mind make a change for the right thing and don't worry about judgement just know what you are doing is right and stay with that and eventually more will come that how groups work lets change this world and reclaim it, get true freedom and love of everyone and change at the same time, marijuana is getting legal in more areas now so lot more people will smoke soon and lots of new posts, well the point is many people will be around marijuana so with us starting the change it will soon affect many more, keep that in mind,start spreading positive posts and put love and giving into your life then try to base most things off of those and find meaning to what you are doing this is the only way we can break out of this controlled world no bills for things we need to keep us alive, money is paper and we think it has value (part of keeping material ideas open) its all atoms that make up what you want, the want for material objects keeps the ideas being created, we need to give what we have to people less fortunate and stop spending money at once that will corrupt the whole system and if we love and give then we will not need a government we will not need a leader just the world based off of love and giving respect to others and not judge people don't get more people in life to break apart we need to respect all and accept each other for one big group with love instead of a world with a billion different groups, suicides every day (videos being made of sick ones for entertainment), runaways, teen girls raped every day against their will and being tortured, and same with guys, we have riots cause we revolt, we steal cause we believe in the idea of value and we are influenced to want more then we have so if we give then there will be no need for wanting more then you have cause we constantly give, this can all change by love and giving, we need this in life stop these bad people controlling us and what we eat, what we wear and worst of all they put a price on it and say you know what if you don't have the money you don't get it, but then there is loans and stuff like that, that makes you feel like we are living with freedom and easier ways through but if we cant get a loan for something and don't have the money we are forced to change, but that doesn't have to happen we need to change our way of life and make it our own, our world bothers me because i hate meeting a new girl or talking to one and they say their life is bad cause they were raped, if you get caught with marijuana college is most likely not happening for you, but if you get in trouble for rape you get anywhere its influenced into our minds by propaganda and music we are not going into the future, we are becoming less aware of reality and this is all facts and intelligence not false research if you doubt but don't doubt without reason we need to change, this is my last message so it is up to you to spread this, i am a extremely intelligent (not smart) 16 year old with knowledge and truth that people need to learn about so everything i stated must be applied by as many people as possible marijuana will be legal soon so with more people smoking and talking about what i was talking about then we will have more positive people... anyways because i'm "not of age" yet more intelligent and aware of reality then most people on this site or ever to use it, but still there is an age limit think of this being said by a 16 year old about world change and explaining the ONLY way to go about it, don't revolt, revolution will make things worse we do not create more anger by reusing it, we change for the good all at once and spread only these to ideas of life "love and giving" so we can all have each other for things we need each other for there is no such thing as value so stop living a life revolving around that idea there is no such thing as economy it just supports the money and value idea so once bankrupt or anything you feel hopeless and economy only declines so things only get worse we need to destroy economy and just love each other and not allow any rulers ti dictate us and our life if we have a world with love and giving then we don't need hate or anything else cause we will be one and with those being the only 2 aspects of life then we wont need more then we have. Drop the material objects obsessions! there is no value! step out of the illusion! experience your true reality! there is also no such thing as time we do spit but there is no time we think there is cause we have things that tell time, but you did not create a clock and you did not know the real reason it was made just like just about everything else you but it all has meaning once you become more then "smart" and you step into a awakening of intelligence then you find the meaning of it all, and that all starts by loving and giving... ONLY way for good life from now and once you are intelligent then things like typing and spreading information become more meaning full and just the thought of knowing you can be affecting someones life by what you are typing will just keep your fingers non-stop typing... well i must go keep this all in mind and if you made it to the end thank you, you can be part of good things think this way and change drop from the illusion, love you all! :love:
  14. What hallucinations its only weed lmao
  15. This happened to me as well but when I smoke more and more with friends its makes the high 10x better with the right people.
  16. #16 habitual addict, Dec 23, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 23, 2012
    idk bro you said this is happening after a month of smoking but i havent missed a day of my all day smoking rituals in over a year going on 2 and i still get high, maybe you need to try a gravity bong like me hehehehehe

    you could be bored/getting used to your piece like i did with my pipes and glass bongs maybe you should try out some more extreme ways of smoking
  17. Definitely tolerance, you will never really get back your first few highs because you're experienced now, but if you take a few weeks/months break off smoking it definitely will feel better.
  18. smoking maybe a bowl or less.
    blaze 2 bowls out a bong by yourself and tell me you're not high as fuck. llol
  19. ...bubble hash to the rescue ;) ...good hash will mop you, without a tbreak.

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