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When I find my kid smoking

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SpiceMadeOfLife, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. Heres the thing, I'm at the point of my life in which I'm really considering the future. While I was doing an art project, my head stumbled on the idea of how I'm going to handle a pot smoking teen.

    I dont have any plans of getting married just yet, but I know that anything can happen once I have a super steady job and a big enough space. If I ever find my kid smoking weed, I'm gonna be cool about it. I dont know exactly what I'd say, but I'd definitely say that I'm cool with him/her smoking as long as it doesn't interfere with school or work or any relationships. And that if I ever caught them doing any hard drugs, I'd fuckin kill him/her.

    Then I'd tell the to pass the joint and get baked with them :smoke:

    Its just, weed has been good to me. Its been good to alot of people today and alot of people before me. Its helped me find a part of myself and if my kids want to do the same and be smart about it like me, then thats okay.
  2. If I catch my child smoking before a certain age yet to be decided (I'm looking at 17) I'll be pissed, and give them the incentive that if they wait until they are 17 I will let them smoke whenever and even with me and such. Obviously other factors may effect this, but that's my basic plan.
  3. i think you got it all right. I would only be pissed if i had a kid that was smoking before they were 13. but after their thirteenth, it'd be all gravy... oh and of course i would smoke with them. plus i'd hook them up because as a young teen their probly just gettin mids
  4. wow, where's the hole i can crawl in and come out of again in 9 months?
  5. so if your kids 16 and toking you'll be pissed but 17 you wont ... pointless might as well just be pissed till your 18 ... man honestly if the kid starts smoking when hes 12 i wouldnt worry about it kids get into shit at different ages ... i was 14 when i started ... times are a changing ... but hey its not my kid bring him up how you want its just my opinion.
  6. you'd be surprised the dank some kids get can ... i was puffing on some fine ass shit when i was 14 years old man i was buying juicy fruit, northern lights all that good shit for 140 bucks a half ... got the same type of connection a little while ago for about a good year but i recently lost him to college ... i don't want to mix anyone up here i am 21 lol
  7. Yes, it follows this strange philosophy that many people follow. It's called "principles", they seem kinda pointless but are very important in becoming successful in this world.

    I wouldn't really be mad if I caught my child smoking age 13-17, I would kind of be proud, but I know that when I am a parent I cannot advocate something illegal and mind altering, especially if my child is smoking for the wrong reasons.

    People continue to develop THROUGH puberty, they don't just magically stop at age 13. MJ is a mind-altering substance- do you really want to be altering the mind of a mind already being altered? As confusing as that sounds, MJ use could mis-develop a teenager/child.
  8. I think you might be getting ahead of yourself a little. Everyone matures differently. You have no idea if the kid could handle it at any given age. I think you'd just have to decide when you are actually confronted with the choice. I think it would be cool to tell them that you don't think it's "evil" and all that, but if they were just too immature to handle their business, I think you'd have to say "but I want you to finish H.S. first" or whatever.
  9. Yes, everyone matures differently- but generally at the same age and in the same way (both psychologically and physically), just a variation in maturity level during and after development.

    That said, I would not want my child taking a mind-altering psychoactive drug while s/he is still developing. Say what you want about maturity levels, but if a 15 year old feels mature enough to smoke and then does, his maturity level could be compromised because MJ is MIND ALTERING.
  10. in all do and complete respect was that pulled out of your ass ... i will believe MJ can mis develop /harm a teenager any more then it would an adult when you show me a non biased scientific study ... infact fuck just a non biased study ... when someone knowledgable and pro marijuana conducts a non biased study i will believe this.
  11. Uh, I'm not a scientist, and no, there haven't been specific studies on developing children on MJ because it would be immoral.

    But to say I pulled that out of my ass? IT IS A DRUG! A PSYCHOACTIVE DRUG! MIND ALTERING!

    You don't need to be a scientist to know that "Mind altering" + Brain Development = FUCK

    So, think what you want, raise your kids as you want, I'm not pressuring anyone to follow my guidelines for my future children and MJ, I simply put out what I know and what I believe in because of this.

    +rep stonah2, respect!
  12. #13 stonah2, Oct 10, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 10, 2008
    thanks for the rep i can see it being possible but theres no facts so its all just an opinon kinda know what i'm saying ?
  13. me and my long time gf talked and we both agree if we ever have kids they will not pe participating in the DARE program.
  14. Haha, why? DARE isn't that obtrusive and it gives out good information that every teenager should know. I don't think it should be taught as young as it is (5th Grade usually) be I think it's a good program, it helped me decide on what I believed in without making me biased.

    Just curious though, I'm sure there is a good reason considering DARE for me was a while back...
  15. I think most of us would be ok with it, but we all vary by what age we deem it as acceptable. most likely because we all started at different ages too

    for me, I would probably be ok with it once they became a teen. younger than i was but not too much younger to where i wouldnt know if they were responsible enough yet
  16. wasn't dare gave up on a few years ago .. i remember taking it in 5th grade lmao had no clue what anything was took none of it heart really ... drugs meant nothing to me at that age .. good or bad

  17. DARE tells kids that weed is on par with cocaine and heroin. I was told it would make me brain dead and lead to horrible things. all lies. plus a 5th grader wouldnt even know what heroin was until they tell them.

    Its horrible and should be made illegal. Nothing but lies based on fear
  18. I've decided with my friends at lunch that if I ever caught my kid smoking I would try some of it and if it's good I would congratulate him and let him smoke, but if it is dirt I would yell at him and ground him. Then force him to smoke an eight of some great green.
    Of course this is just a joke. Really I'd educate my kids about drugs before they started and would tell them the truth. I'd tell them how to not get caught and how to use responsibly. Also that if they ever take weed to school then they are getting punished because that is just stupid. I would educate them about the pros and cons. Every drug I can think of too. Teach them about responsible use.

    Oh by the way I'm a senior in High school. I'm 18. My post about talking with my freinds at lunch seems to imply I'm younger.
  19. this is drug defined by the modern dictionary

    a chemical substance used in the treatment, cure, prevention, or diagnosis of disease or used to otherwise enhance physical or mental well-being

    is weed a chemical or a plant a drug is herion,coke,otc

    i do not see it as a drug at all

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