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When i collect enough keif, what do i do then?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by blueschill, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. We that a lot of keif , looks great in a joint, hope you had a great New Year's Eve m8 because that looks magical.

    I don't know why people are slating their bullet grinder because I'm getting loads of keif from it, and I wouldn't even say my bud is that frosty either!?
  2. Sprinkle it on like cheese on a pizza...

    My crew usually layer our keef & weed like a lasagna lol
  3. Keif sandwhiches are the best :D
  4. and it wont get sucked down your bowl
  5. Any idea what's the best temp to vape kief? :hello:
  6. I vape it at the same temp as my regular mj. I have a log style so I don't get to pick. I use a 1/3 or so kief the either fill the rest with ABV or a little piece of cotton off of a q tip to hold it in. I seem to get far more vape hits from a load of kief than I do with regular too. 8 pulls vs 5.
  7. I think I'll put my Kief in a j, thing is about j's there just simple, make a mix roll it smoke it. Easy.

    Out of curiosity what does Kief smell like when burnt?

  8. IRC If you make your pressed kief properly by utilizing some sort of heat (whether your body heat or heat from a lighter) I believe that pressing the kief helps break open the trichome heads to expose some of the THCA and other additional cannabinoids that contribute to your high.

    In other words, I'm pretty sure pressed kief technically gets you higher than just powder form. :smoking:

    Another reason, according to BadKittySmiles

    So in addition to exposing the additional cannabinoids and oils by pressing and subsiquently breaking open the trichome heads, the end product burns slower and more efficiently. :hello:
  9. Green'd out doing this once. Had the bottom full, so packed a entire bowl full. Was great till I got to the point where i was too high. Like uncomfortably high. Green'd out. Now i monitor my kief intake. Still love it though.
  10. Its easiest to just put it in a bowl or something but make sure you add a little tobacco/nugs on the bottom so that the keif doesnt fall through. If you had enough keif you could also always make hash
  11. plug your bowl with a small nug and top all your kief on top and snap;).
  12. what do you do? simple. Screw sprinkling some on a bowl. sprinkle some weed on your bowl of kief ;) youll thank me later.
  13. Dude, snort it. Shit will fuck you up
  14. I smoked a weed/kief/weed bowl yesterday, took me 5 minutes to finish one.. Shit fucks you up!
  15. Make hash out of it....

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  16. dump it out make a line and snort it haha jk just take a little bit and put it on your bowls of weed like adding seasoning to something.
  17. You could always roll it
  18. #38 BirdCalculator, Jan 26, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 26, 2013
    Make some hash with isopropyl alcohol. First, put about a tablespoon or two of the alcohol in a ziplock bag. Then piece by piece, put your grinder into the bag (one piece at a time), and shake each piece gently for about a minute or two. Make sure when you put your kief catcher into the bag, you leave the kief in the grinder. More kief, the better. After you wash each part of your grinder in the bag, the alcohol will be pretty green. Now there are two ways (probably more but idgaf) to harvest the hash. One, pour the mixture into a small pot, put it on the stove on low, let it simmer until almost all of the alcohol has evaporated. Another way to harvest the hash is to pour the mixture into an empty jar (small yankee candle jars work great) and put it on the base of a lava lamp. Turn the lamp on and let the alcohol burn off just like in the first method. That way takes longer and is a little more dangerous (I guess?), but works well if you can't use your home kitchen to make hash. Anyway, once all of the alcohol has evaporated, you've got yourself some dank hash. You'll be happy with the amount you get if your grinder is full of kief/dirty. Make sure to let the hash dry an hour or so. If not, there will be pre-existing isopropyl alcohol in the hash which will cause it to burn much faster. Hope this helps a little for you curious stoners out there. I've heard there's also a way to do this in the microwave, but I'm not too sure. Be safe. Don't be an idiot. Peace.

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