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when high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dvlboy02, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. I get bored as fuck when I'm high what do you guys do to keep busy
  2. I smoke weed to take care of boredom. Maybe you just need to smoke with some new people.
  3. Eat...alot....
  4. start solving all the mysteries of the universe =D hahah
  5. be high.. duh?
  6. You get bored when your high? impossible!
  7. Bag it's not
  8. Fuckin auto correct I ment nah it's not
  9. yeah i don't get how anyone could be bored while high!

    here are some suggestions of things to do:

    Walk somewhere (anywhere, i usually walk to the beach but i live close to the beach, a park works well also, other wise just a walk to the shops works)
    Watch TV (the worse the TV show the better :))
    Listen to music
    Tend your garden (legal or otherwise)
    play with the dog/the cat/other pets
    Play video games
    Surf the internet
    Do something creative

    seriously, work through that list and then tell me if you're bored
  10. How the hell can you be bored if you're high?
  11. You need Netflix, my friend.

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