When Heffner goes to heaven

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    Hey everyone, i have a philosophy question for one and all. When hugh heffner goes to heaven, do you think it'll disappoint him? He really lives the dream. He's been in pajamas since he was forty and he'll probably sleeping with 22 year olds until the day he dies.

    any thoughts?

    in the poll i mean to say he be not be be
  2. Depends on what you believe heaven to be. If it is just the fulfillment of our human wishes than who knows, he might just live his life for eternity. But if heaven is oneness with God, a closeness to perfection, or even maybe just infinite knowledge how could he not be happy with what he receives?
  3. i just said yes cause i dont get it
  4. No matter a mans material possessions, he can still carry emotional pain.
  5. Heaven > Earth
    (that is the greater sign, right?)
  6. How do you know he's going the heaven, and not the other alternative? If there really are such places, Hefner done just about everything that a person could do in 10 lifetimes to earn himself a distinguished place right beside Satan. :eek:
  7. There is a heaven? Live it up chuckles because this is all the life you get, pray all you want but there is no after life. He suffers the same fate as the rest of use our bodies disintegrate into dust. Now the real question is who had a better time with the life they were given, you or him?

    I am so sick of all this if you enjoy your self just a little but on earth you will burn for all eternity in hell. What a load of bull crap. Enjoy it because its the only life you will ever have.
  8. after he dies it might not matter to him

  9. Wanna know what I find funny? I find it funny how you think you know what lies on the other side of the white fence. I mean, face it - we are a pretty stupid species and there is NO way any one of us will EVER know.

    Now, before you go saying, oh stupid christian. I am actually under a similar belief as you are. According to what I know, I think once our brain dies so does our "spirit" or in other words our self concept.

    But come on man, your no better than a christian if you go beating people down with what IS and what IS NOT.

    lets all just smoke a joint and admit none of us know what the fuck is going on and enjoy the ride. -- and thats an original quote ;)
  10. Men like Heffner are not welcome in God's presence.
  11. If God has no love for his own creation then what kind of God is he truly? Or can he even then be a God in this religious context?
  12. He's welcome in millions of chicks presence, good enough.
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    doesnt matter to me, i just hope one of those retarded blonde whores doesnt end up with all his money just cause they fucked him out of pity a few times.

    kind of off topic, anyone seen those 2 twins hes with all the time now? jesus they are ugly as shit...straight downgrades.
  14. Rhythm of life are you so turned away from God that you really are obnoxious enough to say who has the right to enter God's kingdom? No one but God has this right.

    And God's kingdom is welcome to all who wish to live there in peace. Whoever loveth to meet God, God loveth to meet him.

    You question God's love, but surely God is the Most Loving and the Most Merciful. God will judge us according to our actions. Why should someone who does evil and indecent deeds be rewarded like those who do good deeds? They are not the same, a believer and an unbeliever. A believer wants to be with God, whereas an unbeliever does not want to. The gates of heaven are open for those who want to walk through them.

    Would you consider a blind person as a seeing person? No, because they are two different kinds of people. Just as one who does evil deeds and one who goes good.
  15. I was going to be nice but if you to play hardball lets have at it:

    “Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able?
    Then he is not omnipotent.
    Is he able, but not willing?
    Then he is malevolent.
    Is he both able and willing?
    Then whence cometh evil?
    Is he neither able nor willing?
    Then why call him God?”

    I was once an educated Christian who has turned to a spiritual path. You cannot convince me back into the dark when I have seen the light. If the Bible and religion you belong to weren't so hypocritical your logic might have stood a better chance.
  16. I'd just like to state that I lul'd. Also I love how he accused you of being so obnoxious as to say who had the right to enter God's kingdom but did it himself in the post before that.
  17. Unfortunately its a big problem within his religion. People are too much like Christians and not enough Christ-like.
  18. Ah but isn't that why Christ was so great. Truly altruistic, always looking out for the good, never condemning others, etc. I can see why you'd fall in love with a guy like that, I just don't understand why people get so upset when others don't as well...
  19. Yeah I know what you mean. How can a man who was so great be represented by so many who are his opposite? It's even more frustrating to me trying to understand them than to put up with their "morals." They are holier than you because they "believe" and you are the spawn of satan himself if you disagree with them. Its kind of like the USA of religion.
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    My goodness guys, way to turn a fun and pretty basic poll into another hate fueled pissing match of athiests vs christians.

    I opend this thread looking for a good laugh instead all I see is people spewing their hate at each other. There are enough of these debates already, take it to a thread meant for it.

    Buzzkill anyone?

    Anyways on topic.

    That guy does not live the "life" to me, Sure those chicks are hot but I would rather not spend my entire life living in a house full of dull witted college girls. :smoking:

    So I really dunno.

    but seriously take the pissing match somewhere else guys, you totally raided his thread with that bullshit.

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