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  1. Well wen I usually have sex wit my girl we make love and have connections and shit and I like all that. But man don't my fellow GC men jus love to turn there women over or any position for that matter n fuck em like slab. And when I say slab I mean fuck em like a hoe n jus be beating it with such a consistent aggressive fuck. I love that shit, them be dem days I be like u in for trouble. But idk I guess its just the thought of me kind of emotionlessly fucking her letting her know who's Head Honcho. But any of my blades enjoy that also
  2. Tell your girl that's what you want.. She probably wants the same thing. Chick's like to fuck like animals too..
  3. Ha I let that be my own lil secret. Can't let her know everything. But its not all the time I like slow fucking to though.
  4. ^^
    i hear ya dude.. you might be surprised what your girl is into though..
    chicks are freaks, don't let them fool you.
  5. Honestly look up some stuff on womens fantasies. Its pretty common for them to like that kind of thing.
  6. As a guy who once thought no woman could want sex more than me....
    I stand corrected. Just got to get them to open up about it. She wants it just as much if not more than I do now!
  7. Yea I feel wit u all are saying I still have more things to explore wit my girl, I kinda Dont wanna do massive so quick so we can enjoy it in moderation n not get bored or not bored but u know.
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    Fucking like an animal may seem emotionless, but me and my ex had crazy kinky sex and had the most intense emotional connection ever.

    She definitely had her kinks. She loved being tied to the bed and fucked like an animal. She also liked trying to resist me and me overpowering her. I know it sounds rapey, but shes the one who asked for it and there was always a word she could use and I would respect it. She never used it, but I would have stopped if she did.

    This was after a few years, and vanilla sex was getting boring. She also liked me cumming on her face.

    She was batshit crazy though, and tbh probably had daddy issues. Lol

    Thats not to say I was the most emotionaly stable individual either. Needless to say, besides the sex, I don't think either one of us truly enjoyed each other.

    One time we were fighting and she kept punching my chest and getting in my face yelling. Then she punched me with all her strength, and we just stood there looking at each other. I looked at her like bitch, iv never hit a woman but don't tempt me. 2 seconds later were making out ripping each others clothes off and Fucking.

    Did I mention the relationship was fucked?
  9. slide your dick inside her then start kissing her all romantically n shit. then mid- kiss just pin her wrists down on the bed and start pounding her pussy like it owes you money.
  10. Lmao damn man that shit sounds like a roller coaster. N that punching shit do get annoying after awhile shit start hurtin. But yes I do love to fuck the shit outta my girl after a nice argument or one of them arguments wen u question the relationship but stay together. That sex b POPPIN
  11. Lol yea I've definitely done that before leave no mercy
    Truth man. I used to think i was pretty wild when it came to sex, but I found most girls to be more wild. You just really can't mess with prudes or virgins. 
  13. Lol

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  14. rape fantasies are very very common with women.  The problem is whether or not she's trying to re-enact a childhood incident. :|
  15. Sheesh that would be different with the re-living childhood incident. I wouldn't know how to take that
  16. Name says it all...
  17. I know I like to be slapped around when my man and I plough. The rough stuff is our standard, and sometimes both of us just want to make love. Usually soft fucking turns into rough fucking, and its the best
    We figured out what we wanted very early in our relationship, and experimented with different fetishes until we got bored with that. The scale of roughness has also gone up, it started out with namecalling, spanking, and gagging. Now it's SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT, AND IT IS AWESOME 
  18. Been married 20+ years.  Sometimes she wants loving, tender, emotional sex.  And sometimes she wants her legs pinned behind her head and drilled as hard as I can drill her.  All depends on their mood.
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    About a month into our relationship my gf and i were missionary style vannila bean bangin and my wrist started hurting. so i support my self on my elbow and my forearm ended up just resting across her throat and she came instantly, her reaction had me exploding seconds later. Cut to 3 years later and we been getting rough about 50% of the time. She likes to make love too.
  20. You can say that again!

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