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When have you had too much...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Zylark, Dec 26, 2002.


When have you had too much...

  1. When you can't remember anyone of your smoking-session friends names

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  2. When you start nodding off thinking no one will make fun of ya'

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  3. When you get super-hearing, and can focus on conversations taking place 10 meters away

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  4. When you've rolled another J and lit it up, but forgot to mix the MJ with the bacco

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  5. When you realize it's not your own room you tried to sleep in, let alone your own house or bed

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  6. I've never had *too* much to smoke, coz' I'm a rookie

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  7. Other, please elaborate...

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  1. And, yes, I'm guilty of all of the above (obviously the rookie status was removed as soon as I hit one of the other obstacles to (ir)rational weed-induced behaviour)
  2. when you bleed green
  3. i'm no rookie... and i've never smoked to where i couldn't smoke anymore... but it might happen one day... might :D
  4. wooooo cizozolottens mother fucking friend, you are the subject of a rant today...actually your just gettin it started, but ya know how it goes i say one thing in particular and it goes to the next thing and then the next thing and then the next thing..

    this is the first time ive got stoned in about two weeks..three fourteen inch rims is running on tha side *theyre riding on the side?*yeah they runnin on tha side..three fourteen inch is rims running on tha side *theyre riding on the side?*yeah they runnin on tha side..three fourteen inch rims is running on tha side *theyre riding on the side?*yeah they runnin on tha side..three fourteen inch rims is running on tha side *theyre riding on the side?*yeah they runnin on tha side..
    hmmmm...this is definately a body mind isnt really that trippin out on my but my body is so fucking not moving, except for my hands and fingers which are but a flurry of flying flesh sinews and bones, surrounded by a surreal powdery looking white light wich intensifies as you get to the more solid parts of it, wow, salvia has changed my weed high for sure...when i get high, at least one time now, i always see that little pink stoned dude that was in my avatar some while back, adam sandlers "inner voice"..
    anywho, my mind will completely zone out and ill see him on a foreign landscape, only to realize that he is standing on a nail across the room, waving at me, except its really fucking zoomed in, i can see the textures and pores of the nail, each grain of dust a small pebble, the surrounding wood is grainy and happy, for some reason or another there is a sky behind him, a blue sky, and a palm tree growing out of a hammock...sometimes hes on a nail, sometimes on the keyboard, sometimes on top of my computer monitor, this time he was hiding in the speakers getting his ass kicked by my music BECAUSE MUSIC IS FUCKING GREAT!!
    so yes, i agree is the mother fucking shit

    :::does music is great dance:::::

  5. when you see THC crystals forming on your tongue.
  6. when you cough really hard, and the flegm that comes up tastes like bong water
  7. When you're trying to get into someone elses car.

    I did that once. The Dead were in town and all the deadheads were camping out at the local park. I smoked a phat load of pot and went wandering around with a friend, and ended up trying to get into some guys car, thinking it was mine. My friend kept telling me it wasn't my car, but I didn't believe him until the owner came and said it was his car. He took a good look at me, and was cool with it, so that was alright.

    Oh, and the car I was trying to get into was a Camaro. I drove a Plymouth Fury 3 station wagon; quite possibly the worlds largest car.
  8. three fourteen inch rims is running on tha side *theyre riding on the side?*yeah they runnin on tha side..three fourteen inch is rims running on tha side *theyre riding on the side?*yeah they runnin on tha side..
    haha i was saying that over and over again yesterday, now its in my head again.

    I have never smoked until i could smoke no more. I say you smoked too much when your eyes are so red they start to bleed.
  9. there is never enough i mean it is like a kite a kite get higher foe=ever but can we contol it . i get high right i start to think really deap and yess the music is good and invading me soul but it is amazing. i get fassinated with my hands and touch my face and har over and over again my face it so smoth my hands looks so strange why do i have nails all the things that my miind should knw bout my hands are gone. i can closue my mind and fly and do back flips so fast that you cant catch so i can go as high as i want but i am not sure when my high stars to control me then means i cant control fuck. :D
  10. ... when you get the stoned-overs (like a hangover, but with weed). Well, scary is not the right word, inconvienient maybe...

    Happens sometimes when I eat to much delicious spiced up pancaces :)
  11. When you vomit all over yourself and start seeing buzzsaws flying around while babies sing some wierd-ass music......

    Damn that london hydro :D
  12. wow..ive never been stoned and listened to dave matthews....but i theorized it would be good...and sonofabitch if i wasnt fucking right.
  13. after I take another hit and start staring at the smoke spinning up in and then out of my glass pipe. Its so cool looking when stoned, I do it all the time without even noticing. I do this for like five minutes at a time unless someone is with me to snap me out of it. Kinda hard to explain.
  14. I know what you mean. Thats when i know i'm ripped too.
  15. of course one can never smoke too much but we all know we have a limit in our heads. just stop when the feelin' is right. then go listen to music and party party party.
  16. when i pass out
  17. You've had enough when you put your lighter in your mouth and turn your bowl sideways and try to use it like a lighter...
  18. yea or you light up the filter end of a cig

  19. I can relate to that right there. except for the party part. tonight is just a chill at home and smoke a fat 1/8th for myself :) every once in a while you just have to treat
  20. when you cough 3 minutes after a session and smoke comes out

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