When going in a toy store

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  1. When going in a toy store, would you rather ....
  2. why would i care who sees me?

    am i missing somethin?
  3. As long as they don't see my jerking off in the toy store bathroom I don't really care.
  4. My real question is, which one did you see? haha :rolleyes:
  5. i think he means adult toy shop lol
  6. Adult toy store? Why should I care if someone sees me in there, as long as I'm not in the Pickel room.
  7. Can't vote. They're all 20% and it looks cool.
  8. Lol sorry
  9. i probably wouldn't be there in the first place

    okay, i might
  10. Regardless of who it was I would definitely grab two of the biggest dildos then stroll over and start a casual conversation with them.
  11. there are some fine bitches that shop at em.
  12. It really wouldnt matter to me. Whats the big deal about going into a toy store?
  13. Oh... I just saw THC's post. Basically what I said.. HAHA.
  14. loool I thought u meant regular toy store..I was gonna say PLAY WITH EVERYTHING THERE!! an then I realized what u meant but my answer didnt change.. :|
  15. My friend. Whom would often make recommendations.
  16. There are people who I wouldn't want to see there because it would put awful pictures in my head (my parents mostly), but I don't really give a shit who sees me. Could even consider it scandalously fun.

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