when girls giggle at stuff you say that's really not that funny...

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  1. It usually means that they're attracted to you, right? Just checking. Not sure if I just read to much into things.

    or they just want to seem pleasant??:confused: ..or what?
  2. It depends, i laugh when i'm nervous......

    I basically laugh all the time though, at pretty much anything.... even if it's stupid as hell.

    (Ewww, and i ate a grape skittle while i was replying. Damn you!)
  3. oh, I always thought orange was the crappy flavor with most candy. well...at least for popcicles.
  4. Even though girls laugh at stuff that isn't funny...I always thought that's what makes them sooo special...Plus girls are cute when they laugh.
  5. yeah, so I hear that I read to much into things. I guess this is probably one of those cases.
  6. Hehehehehe.
  7. I hear you on this one... I think some real women need to lay down the law on this question right now. What are the reasons a girl would giggle or laugh at something said by somebody that wasn't really funny.

  8. Ooohh...I think she likes me.:D
  9. If I like a guy... anything he tries to make funny, is funny.... and I laugh real laughs

    Then later on down the road.... they wonder why they can't make me laugh anymore, and that's bc they weren't funny.

    Not saying that will happen to you... but that's what happens to me haha
  10. i like grape skittles. lol.
  11. I definitely laugh a lot when I like a guy...I find myself laughing at stories, when told to other people, dont get a laugh. Im generally a giggly girl, who loves to laugh, and basically can laugh at almost anything. If you cant make me laugh, you are really bad at it..lol
  12. we ladies will always giggle/blush for someone we have an eye for.
    but on a normal conversation && what your saying isn't funny...
    she'll do you a sweet favor and giggle to make it bearable. LOL:D
  13. Yes, girls who are attracted to you will laugh at your jokes.
    But girls who aren't will too.

    I'm sorry to be a bit annoying, but these topics are really pathetic, there's no defining feature to pinpoint attraction, you can't say 'she looks at me, she must like me', 'she laughs at my jokes and playfully punches me, she must like me', you're the only one who can gage the situation and the chemistry, no one else, and we can't tell you for you.
  14. here's my two cents worth. i use to do the same thing you're doing. don't analyze everything man. it's not worth the time. just roll with it, do what you feel. if it turns out good, great. if not, you tried.
  15. Well if a guy's trying to be funny, and he's not funny, I'll probably giggle a bit to make him feel better.. A pity giggle, if you will.

    Other reasons for random giggling: nervousness, liking the guy, being drunk/stoned, having nothing to say

    Sometimes a girl will laugh at something you said just because she finds it funny, even if you don't
  16. Who the hell giggles these days
  17. I would say I kind of smile at something that was intended to be funny, but just wasnt. Half the time I find that I'm the one making the guys laugh, not the other way around.
  18. Babies giggle, ALOT.
  19. All of the above...also if she doesn't know you or if you two just met, she's could be giggling because she thinks you're an idiot.

    How about THAT for making girls even more confusing? Sorry :eek:
  20. grape skittles are disgusting...i have many that i save to chuck at my peeps

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