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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by imstoned, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. lol so when do i start the 16-8 cycle? how long after its sprouted? right now im doing the 24-0 light pattern thanks for help
    heres the little one
  2. Eh, you can do either one. You just gotta worry bout when to go 12-12
  3. You could switch it now, or just leave it on 24/0....won't really make a difference.
  4. You can go either way. If you want to keep it from stretching, move the lights close and keep it 24/0 til about 2 or 3 weeks old. Mine is still on a 24/0 schedule and its day 20. Its a bushy monster and I'm glad I used the light schedule I am using.

    Btw. I have 208w of CFL's for one plant. The bulbs are about 3 inches form the plant
  5. thanks yall have helped alot so keep the bulb 3in from the plant then 2-3 weeks switch to 12-12 (if im understanding this correctly)
    oh and another question is it okay to turn my fan off for 8 hrs a day cause its a little nosiy
  6. Because cfls produce very little heat you can keep the light as close as possible to the plants. I'm sure you'll be ok if you turn off your fan for 8 hours but its not optimal. Having the fans on helps the plants develop a stronger stem which in turn translates into a bigger better bud that it can support.
  7. *Ive been takin hits out of my bong with this dank orange shit*
    so let me ask you a question three weeks from now ill switch to the 12-12
    then ____ amount of weeks of flowering then i get like____ amount of herb
    please fill in the blanks
  8. Usually around 8 weeks give or take of flowering depending on what you're growing. How much herb you'll get will depend on a lot of factors. I get around 1 oz/plant but I only veg for 2 weeks.
  9. so veg 2 weeks flower 6?
  10. naw, he just said veg 2 flower 8
  11. Flowering is always around 8. How long you veg depends on how much space you have to flower. I know guys that veg for 2-3 months and get monster plants that yield half a pound
  12. how big would a plant be if i veg for 2 weeks?
  13. Mine are usually 8-10 inches and I veg under a 1000w MH on a mover with the clones in beer cups with holes drilled in the bottom.

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