When GC gets it's Island...

Discussion in 'General' started by theVirtuoso, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. We will have...

  2. haha hellz yea
  3. The red light should be a bowl, the yellow a lighter :hello:
  4. you mean 'its island'

  5. watch out, grammar gestapo...
  6. I dont think there would be any other veggitation in the area except mj plants either :) :)

  7. Thank you webster :p
  8. HAHA.. thats badass!

    where is that pic from?
  9. Heh, come to GC Island where at the red lights stay Green.
  10. I was "stumbling" and just the pic came up in my browser. www.stumbleupon.com

    "Drunk drivers run stop signs, stoners just wait for them to turn greeeen." :D
  11. Oh yes, we will most definitely have that!
  12. That is cool shit. When GC gets an island...CaliCoast will be there!

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