when EXACTLY is bud properly dried (not cured)?

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  1. Most everything I read just gave a time frame and all the buds were monsters in the pictures. I've heard that its dry enough and ready to cure when the stem bends but doesn't break; but the stems were doing that when I had just cut it down:confused:

    Any other ways to tell? Right now they feel crispy after 2 days of constant airflow via small van and ac in house was on. Today the area surrounding doesn't really smell like weed anymore unless you take a big huff, just hay smelling - but the buds them self when you get up close and sniff have a potent smell.

  2. hey im in a similar situation right now. my cola about 7 inches long, has been drying for 4 days, and the leaves are crispy. im not sure if its ready to cure it. i think i might . it got super skinny than how it was before.
  3. Mine haven't really shrunk too much, They are dense nugs but they are only about 3-4 inches tall each
  4. The stem bending but not breaking should also have you can feel it crackling but not snap in two readily. If you start cure too early its not that big of a deal as long as you check/burp it every day and maybe pull them back out on a screen for a while if too damp after sweating in the jar. Just leaving the jars open for a few hours and then rotating the buds will work also.

    I once thought 4 days was enough by how crispy the outside was but after one night of sweating, the buds were soft like velvet and needed a little extra drying.

    Every situtation will be different based on temp, air flow, and relative humidity. The slower the dry without over drying is the best.
  5. I hang mine upside down.

    I pull the plant and pick of all the leaves and then trim nearly all bud leaf with scissors.

    Hang the plant upside down for about 5 days.

    Cut the buds of branches and put in a glass or plastic container.

    Take the lid of and let it air accordingly
  6. Ive found that everyones method is a little different so dont listen to anyone who says you HAVE to do it a certain way. I wouldnt have a fan directly on them though. That may be drying them a little TOO fast.

    I have an old trunk, like a pirate treasure chest, that i have strings to hang running across. I hang em and throw a plastic bag over it, keep the lid cracked.

    Depending on the strain, once its "dryish" meaning leaves are dry but stems bend, If they are small ill stick em in a jar with the stems still for a dayish and then they are way wet again.

    Then they go on a screen, theyre easier to lay on the screen if they are still on stems.

    Then they get trimmed and jarred again then aired everyish day.

    It sounds complicated, but really all it is now days : Leave them hanging till they are "dry", then jarred, then screened, then jarred and aired.

    To answer your question: Its my opinion that buds are dry when they can sit in a jar and dont go from dry to wet or softish again. Once at that point I consider them to be curing. I personally also dont like to go by any weight they give until they are at this dry point too. Its disappointing when people tell me they love sticky bags.
  7. Mine dry for 4-5 days before I put em in a mason jar to cure. I never have the patience to wait til the stems snap. I wait til they are dry enough to be put in jars without worrying about mold
  8. My best results come from stringing dental floss inside a cardboard wardrobe box and hanging the "sticks" of bud in the box and keeping the surrounding area 70 degrees and 40% humidity. It takes about 5 days to dry to the point where the petioles are snappy. Once that happens, I cut the nugs off into a gallon jar and let the moisture xfer back and forth for a couple of days. My patients are ready for it after one day in the jar, I like it to sit a little longer.

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