When exactly does flowering start.

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  1. So I'm in Mass near the NH border. I know we usually grow into October outdoor and I know all about trich color and basically how to tell when to pull them with my microscope. My question is, all these plants have a suggested flowering time, mostly around 8 or 9 weeks. When are we supposed to start counting those weeks though? Very little info about this I could find.

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  2. Start counting from day 1 of 12/12 indoors, outdoors you have to kind of estimate when you think flowering began based on how it looks in the following weeks. Browse enough internet forums and you should find some pictures of plants around day 21 of flowering, wait until your plants look like that and call it week 3. Of course outdoors there are many factors, so you'll have to decide when to pull them, even if it is a little early.
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  3. In the northern united states, there are only 2 months that have enough light to hold a plant in veg: June and July, calling august 1st the start of flower is fine for a starting point.
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  4. For an outdoor grow, here in California I look for a window of pre-flowers between July 25th and August 5th. Harvest can be as early as mid October and as late as mid November.
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  5. Perfect I kinda figured this but if I wanna get good I need to know for sure, thank you!

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  6. I'm up by canada, people have been harvesting their outdoor indica's the last week or so, some people are having to harvest a bit early as bud rot seems to be rampant this year (one reason I run indoors).
  7. Yeah I would imagine you guys struggle with sativas because they can go forever.
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  8. Yeah I've seen a few spots pop up here and there myself. Wish I had more space for indoor.

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  9. My current run I'm harvesting tomorrow, that's a 3x3x6 tent, does not take up much room at all and will allow you to put out more than enough bud to last 2 people until the next harvest is ready. A few years back I had a small 2 bedroom apartment, I was doing some experimenting with grow methods to try and figure out what would be best....anyways long story short I ended up building a small hydro system for 2 plants in a 1.5x3ft closet which grew some decent tomatoes (yes real tomatoes), I have found you don't need much space to effectively grow a plant to harvest. Good luck with your plants. Peace.

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  10. I always base my count from the flip to 12/12, but then I always add another week for "Transition". From veg to flower. So my day 70 of flower is actually the 77th day since the 12/12 flip. Seems to work for me so far.

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