When Drunk

Discussion in 'General' started by CLKWRK, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. You kick me fro ma lobby because you got a clan member joing. Without letting me know. Pussy shit.

    I demand respect when drunk. I speak, then you speak, then me. repeat.

    People speak over me when drunk and it pisses me off to high hell. I even tell them hey, "hey let me finish then you can talk without interruption" but no, People don't fucking care.


    Guess I can't even play with friend while drunk.


    I hate people.
  2. Clan member meeting?
  3. Nah. Friend whose buds with shitty clan memebers.
  4. are you part of the kkk?
  5. You are not like me.

    I am not like you.

    I had no charities.

    I gave my best to you.

    I won't do that again.

    When I close my eyes, hope that fucker dies.
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