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When does your probation officer usually drug test you

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stonedlax, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. i got arrested for possession 2 weeks ago and still haven't met with him. when do you think he will drug test me? i have court August 20 if that helps.
  2. should i smoke? and when should i stop?
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    Stop now man, its not worth going any deeper in the criminal system than you already are.

    You have yet to go to court though, the judge more than likely will put you in a rehabilitation program if your state supports it. The seminars are not really a big deal but you may be forced to pay for each of them so be ready if you have to. If you don't pass the drug tests in there or walk out on any of the classes then you would be placed on probation.

    My PO would make surprise visits to my house usually once or so every 4-5 weeks.
    Some are much lazier though and will just call you to check up on you.
    About once every 2 months I was actually drug tested.
  4. Once in a while certain judges will determine their sentencing after a test. :smoke:
  5. I hope your still on line I have more info on this then I would like to but anything to help a stoner out....1.You haven't been assigned a probation officer yet 2. You haven't gone to court yet. 3. If there is someone who will DT you it's most likely the Pre-trial release or Pre-trial intervention officer....and if you have been assigned to report to them I would do so ASAP to avoid any bench warrants.

    if you havent been assigned a PTI or a PTR officer and still have 20 days before court. BURN BURN BURN BURN BURN. They will look at you as an addict whether your system is clean or not, although it definitely wouldn't hurt to be clean. Some judges are more street smart then others, that's something you should ask your lawyer about for his honest opinion.


  6. Exactly what I mean when I say some judges are more street smart then others, but a lot of judges have the attitude that you've already committed a crime and you must i said, ask your lawyer
  7. Never, but fuck him, he said meet him today and he took it off, the computer said I get off on the 7th. Not to mention I had a deal to get off in May and he fucked up the paperwork.

    At least I can burn to relieve stress.

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