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when does veg stage actually start???

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by TokinSnowMan, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. Hey everyone. Can someone please tell me when the seedling stage ends and what signifies the start of veg stage?
  2. It's all the same really. I guess, technically it's when the first true leaves show, but even a seedling is "vegging".

    What does it matter?

  3. as Mu says including what does it matter. give them 24/7 light and watch them grow.
  4. Thanks guys. I was just curious because i see some people refer to their plants as being in the seedling stage and it looks like they are in the veg stage. Just wanted to make sure i was on the right page as everyone else.
  5. I suppose you could catagorise it by - using nutes or not.
    I wouldn't use nutes in the seedling stage but it's ok in the veg stage.
    In that case Veg stage would be a few weeks into the plants life, whenever it's safe to start on nutes.
  6. A good indicator of when to start (light) feeding is that the cotyledon (baby) leaves will shrivel, which means that the growing plant is sucking nutrients out of them.

  7. I always wondered why the bottom leaves dried up and died. Thanks.
  8. vegg stage starts when the 1st five finger leaves begin to show:smoking:
  9. In fact, the proper vegatative state begins roughly around the time the plant has grown 4 developed nodes and has started the 5th. So up until this time, the plant should be exposed to 24/7 light and a very light seedling feeding schedule.

    Treating a seedling as if it is fully formed vegatating plant just because it has developed the first fan-leaf will not yeild any postive results.

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