When Does Using Shrooms Start Causing Permanent Damage

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  1. Whatup GC, I was just wondering if anyone knows if long term mushroom use or use most weekends will cause me some serious brain damage.

  2. no it will not
  3. they cause permanent damage if your tripping balls and jump out a window.
  4. No it will not cause any damage.
  5. Actually they do cause damage to your body every time you consume them. Once you eat shrooms your body get's poisoned, that is what makes you 'trip'. Your body then has to send out all of its white blood cells in order to kill the threat. In a long run it will make your life look duller without the high and it could also cause alot of brain damage if done once too often.
  6. Its ignorant to say that they can't cause any damage. Shroom trips are powerfully emotional, extremely introspective, and can at times be scary. If you do while shrooms not prepared to deal with the seriousness of the experience, all it takes is one time to severely traumatize someone.
  7. i heard it's less poisonous than Tylenol.
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    Permanent brain damage hasn't been documented with mushrooms. The drug attaches to your serotonin receptors and thats what gives you the high. Once your body has a chance to flush it out is when you start to sober up. Mushrooms don't cause your brain to bleed or swell. They do not poison you, either. Simply attach to a receptor in your brain.

    Interestingly enough, out of the total amount of Psilocybin that you ingest, the smallest amount gets to your brain. The rest of it remains in your skin and other parts. I believe you can sometimes pass your high off to smaller animals when petting them, through skin to skin contact. Wont work on people because smaller animals would need a much smaller dose.

    I personally don't find mushrooms enjoyable enough to do every weekend.
  9. Physical brain damage won't occur. The emotional and mental effects of shrooms can be very, very serious though. DO NOT underestimate thier power.
  10. I've heard it can cause permanent damage too via a college anatomy class.

    Always put your keys in a safe location while on them.:devious:

  11. Learn to open up a fucking text book.
  12. It won't cause permanent brain damage. Do some research guys before pulling shit out of your ass. Taking shrooms too often won't work out at all because tolerance level goes up extremely quickly with psilocybin mushrooms. You should wait at least 2 weeks (though I'd wait a month) to start fully tripping again.

    You may be traumatized by a bad trip, but shrooms won't cause brain damage. You would have to take an impossible amount of shrooms for you to overdose and actually do damage to your body. But before you're anywhere near that amount, you will die from stomach distention. Therefore, overdosing on shrooms = impossible.
  13. Not true at all.
  14. I....I can't find a single accurate statement within this post.
  15. I didnt write that statement, I copied it off a .PDF from a drug awareness website.. Ofcourse you know tey exaggerate.

  16. why would u do that..:mad:
  17. It's not just an exaggeration, it's total BS.
  18. look, I have done lots and lots of shrooms, and they................wait god was talking to me... oh yea they have no long term effects
  19. Beat me to it. :mad:
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    You sir, are an idiot... Read up on Psilocybin Mushrooms, you will find that there is not one ounce of truth in what has been said.

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