When does seedling stage ends and vegitative starts?

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  1. I've found countless contridicting information. I have two seedlings 8 days old, 2 sets of true leaves, working on their third.

    When can I put them under my MH safely? And when can I oficially start counting days of vegitation if I want to veg for 2-3 weeks??

    Thanks guy, trying to figure out so I can get a SoG going
  2. Generally, I'd consider the plant finished with its seedling stage at the first signs of branch development. This is just how I judge it, though, and I'm not sure what other growers would consider as the beginning of vegetative growth.

    As for the MH lamp, you ought to be able to put them under it, as long as it's about 2 feet away - however, I use CFLs, so my word isn't the best to go off of, and not worth ruining your seedlings over. Within a couple of days, though, I imagine you'll have nothing to worry about. Good luck.

    (Also, that's assuming the MH is a 400w. Anything greater and you may want to be even more cautious.)
  3. Sprouted mine under a 250w MH and they were very happy. I had the light a few feet away and gradually lowered it so they could adjust. It also depends on if you have an air cooled hood and what your temperatures are directly under your light.
  4. Good question. My first seedling ever was planted Jul30, sprouted Aug03, currently got its first set of true leaves, the second is well on the way. Still a seedling?
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    sorry I forgot to mention it will be a 250 watt mh and flower under a 400 watt hps

    my first grow I vegged under cfl's and flowered for the first three or so weeks under cfls and now its under the 250 watt hps. In a week I am reconfiguring and starting a veg box with the MH a hps box with the 400 watt hps, and going to try and run clones in a small cardboard box under some cfls.

    so the real question is when can I move them from the clone box into the veg box and start oficially counting it as "vegging", so for example I can say they have been vegging for 2.5 weeks and I can now move them in to the flower room

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