When does DP/DR become a problem?

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  1. I just stumbled upon a thread on another website about someone overcoming their struggle with depersonalization and derealization, and I realized that the thoughts and ideas that she considers "bad" and "scary" are thoughts that I have all the time. The only difference is, I've always just considered the thoughts enlightening.

    At one point she writes, "The constant abstract questioning.... what are people, what is a chair, what is language, why do we look so "perfect" as beings and yet we are stuck on this rock in the middle of space/nothingness? These questions would torture me. They were no longer fun to ponder. EVERYTHING freaked me out."

    Those are thoughts I have all the time. Will they become a problem or do some people just get too carried away?
  2. I think it depends on the character of the person and the cause of the DR/DP. For me, it was something along the lines of PTSD, and basically her fears (from my understanding) come from not being able to hold a grip on reality and the realization that the mind truly is limitless, possibly afraid of what she may have thought of already.
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    I agree guillermo. Some people choose to interpret it with fear. I think we should embrace the "nothingness" as love, since the singularity that started it all is what connects us all. I had/have similar thoughts all the time, and always answer with: Its only as real as my consciousness makes it out to be. The one thing I KNOW is real is consciousness.
  4. lol oh...

    that kind of DP
  5. I don't think it's interpretable, I mean, how can you make something out of nothing? The thing is, with the nature of "nothingness" being formless, and imagination being limitless and fear being the sole denominator in human motivation in cases such as these (if not fear of, fear of not having), it's not exactly hard for the "crash" with reality to have such a crippling impact. I wonder what will happen when the hipsters reach this point (revolution?).:rolleyes:
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    nothingness is a singularity with no form. Nothing is something IMO, just not anything humans can comprehend (and not necessarily a "thing"), which is why we fear the interpretation sometimes. I personally see the singularity as energy, but thats just my guess.

    as for interpretation, I think some fear it, while others accept it, others deny it, others grow from it.

  7. I have to say I agree with you 100% on this. I do feel that little twinge of fear from time to time as I ponder these questions, but then I always come to that same conclusion you just described. I can bend my interpretation of reality almost on a whim, but at the the same time I know that it's always going to be subjective and it's always changing (isn't that just part of the life experience?), so who cares what your perspective currently is. You're still connected to those around you, as well as the planet you are residing on. Even though we may not all be part of the same subjective "reality," we're still part of the same experience.
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    It's the natural process of evolution. You have evolved from the subjective interpretation (although ego is always there..), into the objective POV. The cocoon has shed! Fly away into infiniti...
  9. Nothing wrong with contemplating the universe and everything in it, but if you spend too much time contemplating and not enough time being and experiencing, you can create an imbalance that may leave you unsure of who you are and what your place is in it.

    Stillness is the answer. Bring it all back to the centre. Instead of projecting your energy into your mind and its imagination, bring it into the heart and feel it there. Practice letting go of the need to follow and understand every thought that appears in your mind. Once you find a better balance, these thoughts won't be a problem anymore, and you may simply choose to reside in stillness more now anyway.

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