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When do your Munchies kick in?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by royce4weed2012, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. takes me 30 minutes just to start feeling hungry, but once it kicks in it kicks in hard! i will have mad munchies! then i will have more mad munchies the next day! ill have the runs for the whole week! but i dont care!! that shit taste too good
  2. First hit. Lmao.
  3. usually when i smoke really late at night! like around 2-3 sux cuz my fridg-a-dator is always on the empty tip....
  4. around 30 mins after toking i'll have my whole hand in a bag of chips and crumbs all over my face
  5. yeahhh probably like 30 min in and its a bitch :p :smoke:
  6. u kno...

    i should time myself!.

    nahh. too lazy. hahah.

    but i guess it kicks it randomly for sure
  7. sometimes it's like 10 minutes after smoking sometimes it's after I'm coming down sometimes I don't get munchies at all somehow...
  8. Only happens about 1/2 the time. but usually 30 min - 1hr. I could use something right about now actually... hmmm....
  9. usually like 1 to 2 hours after, during the calmer part of the high. But really, It's been forever since I had real munchies. My appetite was tiny while sober so when I get the "munchies" my appetite is just normal lol. But food still is orgasmic hahaha
  10. depends how much i smoke to start with,

    3 cones, one after the other .. bout 20-30 mins
    1 cones .. wait 10 mins .. another cone. 30mins +

    When i start eating, theres no stoppin`
  11. Tbh I for some reason never really get the munchies, in fact get pretty much the complete opposite to where food seems really boring and a waste of time. Get weird opposite effects from pot in a lot of ways, even cotton mouth, when I toke it's like I become the source for all the saliva the universe will ever need.
  12. Sometimes immediately, although the "immediate munchies" are usually due to the fact that food is already in my reach and I just like snacking 'cause everything tastes amazing when you're high. Or sometimes I just get high before I'm hungry, so it's hard to distinct munchies from hunger and I just munch the fuck out anyway. So the real answer is, whenever the hell I want. lol
  13. I never really got the munchies even when i was a noob...idk guess its cause im always hungry so i dont notice it lol
  14. For some reason, when I'm coming down that's when I get the munchies. I typically am not hungry while high and plus when you eat when you're high, it kills the buzz a bit. Then of course you can always smoke again.
  15. Maybe.. 30 minutes or so after the first hit. Usually what me and my friend end up doing is dropping like $11 on 10 dollar burgers. mmmm
  16. I get munchies like mother fucker! Like today. i woke up around 10 am. smoked 2 bowls. came in made some mac and cheese. smoked another bowl. made tacos. had another bowl. and now im making spaghetti O's lol
  17. After I fuck your mom
  18. I burn out then I get the munchies.
  19. My munchies kick in when somebody says anything to do with food. Hahaha
  20. Once i eat something someone offers me...its on.

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