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when do you toke?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by I Love Hashley, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. when do you guys get faded? i usually wake and bake, smoke 2 bowls at lunch, and get blazed before i go to bed.
  2. Once I start feeling the comedown, I know I've been away from the ganj too long.
  3. ussually at night wen im with friends like around 8ish wne im by myself around 1030 wen my parents are in bed (cant wait till i get mine own places so i can blaze wen every i want)
  4. Mostly at night. Few times during the day, and whenever I have a free Sunday, that's wake n bake day :smoke:
  5. whenever i dont have work im hi-i-i-igh.
  6. Pretty much if I'm awake and not at work and in full supply, I'm high
  7. anytimes a good time just ya just gata keep it chill:smoke:
  8. if i have bud i will be hig 24/7 even when im asleep (it makes tight dreams)
  9. heyyyeyyyeEYEYyyyEYYYY
    .... smoke weed everyday!

    I smoke like 3 times a day, sometimes more sometimes less
  10. I try to stay as high as I possibly can but once in a while it gets dry so usually everyday but like this week I havnt smoked bud all week. Oh well :(
  11. 4:20 AM to 4:20 PM and 4:20 PM to 4:20 AM.
  12. It is impossible for me to have dreams if I fall asleep high. However, if i pop a few melatonin, ill have about 3 vivid dreams and wake up feeling a million bucks!

    To answer the OPs question, i smoke basically whenever I feel like it. I dont really plan ahead. That could mean im high all day everyday, or once at night.

    Blaze on :hello:
  13. On a weeknight I'll only have one session a day, if that, if I do it is either when I come home from my educational facility or if my friend wants to have a few tokes of his weed with me.
  14. At night. That's got to be the most half-ass poll ever lol.
  15. Not to be arguing with anyone, but ... dreams are less intense / frequent if you're high when you go to sleep. Of course this varies person to person but that's the general idea. But I've had experiences that suggest otherwise, as well.

    And my smoke:

    0 - 2 times in the afternoon, 0 - 2 times at night.
    unless I'm alone all day and have no work / class / obligations. then I'll blaze all day.

  16. im never sober unless i have no weed i got bake and wakes from my girl
  17. I stay high cuz its the only way to be
  18. during school? only on fridays saturdays and maybe a little on sunday
    during the summer...... i'm high for those 2 months
  19. Hmm, When I smoked, Night time was the shit.

    No bright ass sun trying to kill you, you can just sit back and chill. Outside on the deck with ya boys, the smell of a honey dutch and dank blowing through the breeze...

    Nothing beats it.

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