When do you think you'll die and what of?

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  1. I'm 34 and have fibromyalgia, there's a study out there that says i'll likely die of medical complications at 45 years old. I feel like this is pretty accurate and going on previous experiences i think it'll be something as little as a chest infection or something.

    How about you?
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  2. Wtf is jvzoo???
  3. I don't know. I hope you find relief from your pain. Work hard at surviving. I hope you have a much longer life than expected.
    I hope to live past 100 and die in my garden with a fatty burning in my old wrinkled hand.
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  4. Someone posted a link to some site called Jvzoo, think it was spam.

    I hope i do too, i like the sound of your plan haha
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    Cancer, say I've got 10-15 years max. I'm 31 i've never been healthy, pretty much everytime they say 'dont do that it causes cancer', chances are good I do it regularly. Heavy cigg smoker since my early teens. Never been one for vegetables as part of my regular diet. Overactive thyroid/adrenal fatigue. Mom had skin cancer, two grandparents had cancer. I did so much vile shit to my body in my early twenties. Outside of that im just an angry person most of the time.
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  6. I've dodged so many bullets in my life it's hard to imagine what'll finally get me...I just hope it happens quickly...fuck a lingering death, being in a nursing home for several years? Fuck that.......
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  7. I will most likely be shot again in a robbery over my fake jordans.
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  8. Agreed, I watched one of my grandfathers waste away in a elderly facility with dementia. Ill take a hard pass on that, I'll eat the barrel of a shotgun before I go through that.
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  9. Either middle aged in a gunfight/explosion/post-apocalyptic nuclear winter where I become a mercenary cyborg until it rains and I short circuit and die because I opted out of waterproof circuitry to save money for expensive non-radioactive weed,

    Orrrrrr as an old man passing peacefully in his sleep, content with the life he has lived.
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  10. Well considering I live in an African city and I'm always getting into some sort of trouble and walking around on foot either gonna get deaded in a robbery or just straight up murdered either by criminals or cops. But hopefully not :love-m3j:
  11. I used to think of this a lot, I'd probably say cancer seeing as how common it is the days but really I think I would accidently overdose before then, it wouldn't be an accident if I got diagnosed with a death sentence though

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  12. I'm guessing heart problems/cancer as they seem to run in my family + I already have problems with my heart lol I have a murmur or some shit
  13. Who now's. We live in the age of medicine and technology. I might die at 130 year of age. From what? Maybe a 130 years of age lol
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  14. I'm 18 and I'm already starting to have heart issues so probably a heart issue. I hope i have 5 years i wanna get laid again before kicking rocks

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  15. Jumping into a volcano after living for hundreds of years as a vampire.
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  16. I'll be 67 in August. My parents both made it to 86 but I doubt I will. They never abused their bodies, but I've been doing it for 50 years. I've survived racing around at 100+ all the time in a car when young, doing 135 on a motorcycle at night drunk, crashed a bike in two other incidents, had cancer 5 years ago.

    I'm reasonably healthy now, but I doubt I'll see more than another 10-15 years. And more importantly, for how long will I be able to get around -- walk -- by myself? How long will I be able to live in my home by myself? One can easily spend years having to live with some sort of assistance. So the real question is: How many good years are left?

    And dying in your sleep, as someone mentioned above? Sure, that's ideal but most people die slowly, over days/weeks/months. Great stuff to think about. :(
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  17. Hey OP, I've been researching histamine intolerance, mast cell activation syndrome and fibromyalgia keeps coming up along with a bunch of other illnesses -

    fibromyalgia - Google Search

    Take it for what's it's worth but I wouldn't feel right if I didn't pass it along.
  18. My electrician friend got up in the middle of the night for a piss and dropped dead on the way to the toilet. My mother had dementia for 15 years and it was a terrible way to go. If I had a choice I'd go the way of my friend.
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    I'll probably be killed like that psychic told me lol. Idk really as long as my death is quick and my kids don't have to watch me suffer and I hope its not for a long time yet.
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