When do you start supplemental nutrients with Miracle Gro Organic soil?

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    I transplanted all my plants roughly two weeks ago and they are currently 4 weeks old.

    They are however small for their age.. I have 20 going and currently they range from about 3 inches to 6 inches (will post a picture in an hour or two). They got kind of a late start due to horrible lighting conditions for their first week because my HPS shipment had an unexpected delay.

    The tallest of the bunch (big bud) seem to have some yellowing starting to occur from the bottom up. All of the plants look like a lighter shade of green than I've noticed in my past grows, I'm wondering if my plants are lacking N.

    Anyway, to the question at hand, I've been searching for this for the past few days and have come across vastly different opinions ranging from 1.5 weeks to 2 months.

    Should I give them a light dose of MG all purpose nutes?
  2. How often are you watering, and how dry do you let the soil get before you water? Stunted growth plus yellowing is typical signs of overwatering. Pics will help though
  3. I have been watering every two days, thats generally how long it takes the top inch of soil to dry out. I'll try to cut it back to every three days however. Going to snap pics now.
  4. Pictures... Not the greatest but you can see what I'm talking about.

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  5. You should of started feeding them a long time ago. Start by giving them about a 50% dose and build up from there. Usually yellowing happens because of a N shortage.
  6. So MG Organic doesn't feed them? I'll give them a dose today if I can get another confirmation of nickriv's post.
  7. nick is wrong, they look like their just getting ready for their first feeding.

    start at 50% strengh or less and slowly work your way up. wait until they show you they are hungry
  8. I'm telling you I'm not wrong. I've been growing for over 5 years. Yes there is some food in the soil for your plants but after about two weeks of veg you should start to feed them. They look extremely stretched and wispy. If your still not sure go to your local hydro shop and ask questions. BTW what kind of nutrients are using? If your not sure try feeding a couple of them and I promise you'll see results in a few days- just go easy on the nutes at first. I typically start feeding mine once the first true node has developed. I sometimes even soak my rockwool in a weak nute solution. I'll post some pics of my 4 week old when I get a chance.

  9. im pretty sure MG organic does not have any plant food in it, so i would go ahead with some nutes at 50% the best time to start feeding a plant is when the cotyledons start to yellow and fall off. however i will have to agree with nick on the fact that the plants do look stretched and wispy, you need to move the light down lower (what kind of lighting system do you have) and you need to put a fan on steady breeze to help strengthen the stems.

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