When do you start counting the days?

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  1. I have a quick question....all strains say they are ready to harvest after X amount of days. When do you start counting the days? After the clones have sprouted, after you move them to the flowering room, after the seedlings pop or when do you start? I can count, just not sure of when to start? If I go by when I started the clones, I am well beyond the time frame of them being ready. Should I start when they go into the flowering room? Just unsure....thanks!!!! :unsure:

  2. i start counting after all bud sites have formed ;)
  3. I usually count after about 7-10 days after starting 12/12.
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    I go from first bud like answer does..
    usually 14 days most strains are showing first bud,,ime
    besides your watching the trichomes at the end so the date your looking for really is just to start looking at the trichomes,
    So many factors to when a plant matures enough to be picked, so always go by the trichomes..
  5. Most companies it's from when you flip to 12/12 but thats if you have nice preflowers going into 12/12. If you go into it with no preflowers count from when it starts throwing pistils like they said a week or two in.
  6. most companies go from when u flip to 12/12 regardless of preflowers. always follow the mfg for best results 5-10 days past peak harvest and ur thc is cut in half but cbd and cbn rises this has been proven here on gc by inde lab testing. the plant tested was a sativa but it shows that the major mfgs (cup winners) know their shit lol :smoke:
    No. If you harvested Afghani #1 at 45 days (Sensi Seeds - http://sensiseeds.com/en/cannabis-seeds/sensi-seeds/afghani-1) after 12/12 flip your marijuana would be immature. Most companies base their flower times on when the first clusters form - not just a few preflower pistils - and tend to exaggerate their times because most new growers want quick flowering and therefore sell more seeds. It is a nice marketing trick. I add 10 to 14 days to what they claim.
    I am growing Afghani #1 right now and I am on day #56 of 12/12. I still have a week or so before they will be ready.
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  8. if u wanna do some research u need to find the post its very old i forgot the ops name but it was in the harvest forum dealing with barneys farm tangerine dream. even had test results from 5, 10 days early harvest very good read
    but i agree that a lot of breeders use extra early flower times to sell product but they dont win many cups
    breeders even have unstable genetics that will give growers lots of different phenos. some growers like this some dont. it all depends
  9. Thanks everyone! I have a much better concept of the whole 'counting days'!!! Y'all are just so knowledgeable! Someday I hope to catch up! Ha! Everything helps so much! All of the info is great! Hope the second grow gets rid of a lot of my questions! One by one, they are falling away thanks to all of  you....much appreciated! :yay:  

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