When do you start counting flowering time outdoor?

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  1. Hey first time grower here doing outdoors. I first really said “Wow okay theyre in flower” when pistils started coming out and the leaves stacking on August 12th. Would that have been the first week of flower or would you count it a week earlier as if it took it a week to “show”? Let me hear your thoughts, I know everyone goes differently by this and want to hear your opinions! Heres some pics sorry for shitty quality it was a video. [​IMG][​IMG]
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  2. I mean TO ME....it's a general time frame.......even indoors........so IF I WERE YOU......I would say..........like........August 15th as your "flowering start date".................but it doesnt REALLY matter........just watch your plant.......she will let you know what's up
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  3. Yes thats how Ive been judging it. Looking like harvest is around the corner for some of my plants next week/this weekend.
  4. First few weeks of flower it’s producing bud sites by puttin out calyx I start counting flower weeks 1 week after I see 1st white hair on the plant and I give it 10 weeks plus in flower stage.
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  5. I start to count once the stretch is over by looking for clusters to begin forming - or groups of calyxes/bracts.

    Outdoors I don't feel this matters unless you're commercial, or just want information for kicks.
    This flowering time business and when to start counting is an indoor mindset, and they have confused all growers, especially themselves.

    Outdoors it is flipped, we ask when the harvest date is, this is much more important.
    A fast strain outside is one that finishes early in the season, and is a necessity in cold/wet/humid climates. In my hot climate, I prefer strains that finish October and beyond when the temperatures become cooler and drier - flowers finishing in these conditions tend to be of higher quality. I have a strain going now that triggered flower very early but is a long flowering variety - yet looks to be done in October - which is normal/average in the Northern Latitudes.

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