When do you repot?

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  1. Ok, so I know that the size of your plant is dependent on the size of the pot it is in. So how do you know when the plant is too big for the pot and its time to repot it?
  2. Honestly, I personally do not believe in this. I have grown 4 ft tall plants in 2 gl pots. It is just a little more work and the you have to trim roots and such b/c the plants will bonsai.

    I go by rooting. When I see heavy roots comming out of the drain holes, I can pretty much be assured the plants rooting system has out developed the pot and it is time to transplant. Since I grow indoors, I seldom use anything bigger than 3 gl pots, and I keep my plants around 3 - 3.5 ft.

    Remember, it is not so much the size of the plant, it has more to do w/ the rooting system IMHO.

  3. Move to a bigger pot when the roots have filled the pot it is in. And the bigger the pot the more root volume which means the bigger the plant. I only repot once, germed seeds go into 4" pots for sprouting, after they have 5-6 nodes they go into 4.5 gallon final pots.
  4. OK, you are going to get a lot of different answers here. BIGGER the roots the BIGGER the shoots is a well known saying, and reflects my personal experience. Every time I have increased my pot size I have increased my yield. So for ´09 I have a couple of these muthas.

    40 US gallons.

  5. Alright Thanx guys. We ordered a bunch of seeds from a seed bank that are in those jiffy pot things that the roots are supposed to just break through when it gets big enough. Any one have any experience using those? And as for the repotting, i have a plant that is about 8 inches tall and its in a one gallon pot so i decided it needed to be repotted thats why I was asking. But if those jiffy pots work like they are supposed to, then i shouldn't have any trouble after this. and thanks again.

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