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When do you put down the pipe?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Pyroxide, Feb 1, 2011.

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    My experience with beginner tokers is all but at its end. Very little of it is to do with age and rather those who I surround myself with and experience.
    Though personally, regardless of how often I smoke, or how much THC I can handle I still tend to turn away pot when someone else is smoking me up.

    Maybe it's just me - or you think so too - personally I think it's respect to turn down a bowl if someone has offered it in the circle when you're comfortably high.

    What's your stance?

    Edit: After the general consensus of comments I've noticed I've left something out and it's the way in which I decline.
    I'll take notice of things, if a friends has pulled out an O broke off a nug, proceeded to chop and put the rest away I'll continue smoking that bowl with the rest of them.
    This is more so when your gracious host breaks out the last of his stash, throws it in a bowl, proceeds to chop it and eventually smokes it with everyone else.

    Once I'm at a comfortable high I'll say something along these lines: "Hey man, I'm feeling pretty good right now, might pass this hit so you have some for later."

    Now if the host insists I take a hit then yes, by all means. I wouldn't really consider it the respectful thing to do if it was the most fun choice in the world :smoke:

    my 2c but
  2. Personally I believe that I can never be too high. If someone is gladly offering me pot, I'll light it up ASAP :smoke:
  3. if someones offering me cannabis i cant turn it down, that would be mental.
  4. A lot of people do this. It can be considered polite. But when I'm with less than 3 others I'll never turn down a hit.
  5. If I have to go to an unfriendly enviorment after smoking, then yes sometimes I will turn down a bowl. Cause no one wants to be super stoned while going to work, school or even parents.
  6. In the case of them offering it, why turn it down?????? It's not like your asking, they are being a good samaritin making sure everyone is nice and high;)
  7. I like being super stoned while going to work,school, and even talking with my parents. I function normally haha
  8. OP, I can see where you're coming from. I'm usually the one hosting seshes (and therefore the one providing), so I certainly don't get offended or anything if people pass up the pipe, bong, or bag (Volcano) when it comes around.

    If you're high enough, you're high enough. And yes, for those of you who would NEVER turn down weed, there is such a place as "high enough". :D

    Waste not, want not... :smoke:

  9. This is my thinking, back when I was the bigger cash flow of the friends I had a tendency to be the host. These days I just chop up less to control friends intakes rather than the other way around.

    They're my friends and they have my back, vise versa. If I said no they would listen but then there's the double standard that it's just bud.

    Though I find if I leave chop on the table and say help yourself I'll have a few couch locked friends hanging around my place until they're able to drive.

    Thanks for the responses though and keep them coming I'm interested to see what the general view on this is.
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    Yeah but if you are already as high as you want to be, you shouldn't be obligated to smoke more.

    EDIT: I also was often the "host" for a few of my friends, I didn't mind doing it, and when people would turn it down I would defend them against the assholes trying to make them take another hit, it's your decision to smoke when you want to smoke, while yes it is a polite gesture of them to offer, you aren't obligated by smoking etiquette to accept it if you don't want to.
  11. Never. I have no limits. If i can walk... I haven't smoked enough.
  12. I used to turn it down couple of times in my early smoking days mainly because I would be too high, but now never. It's weed and I might as well not let it go to waste lol.
  13. I used to be the only hosting the smoking sessions in my group. And I always was the one with the supply.

    I would smoke till I was happy and comfortable and no more. If someone would offer, I would decline. If you declined then so be it. Happy you had your fill. However I cannot stand people who pressure you into smoking more and I will always stand up for the guy they try to pressure (didn't happen too often though thankfully)
  14. Sometimes we'll put a blunt out for a while. I don't know if everyone I blaze with has low tolerance but sometimes we'll be like "Yo I'm already high as fuck let's save this half L for later".

    If passing around at a party I'll take at least one hit to be polite I guess.
  15. Its kinda like if you are at an asian family's home and they offer you food, its disrespectful to say no.;)
  16. Well I have a fairly high tolerance so it depends. I don't want to smoke 1-2 hits of my buddies mids and still be sober, thats just a waste of my friends bud, if other people can get high off of it, I'd rather see them smoke it. But on the flip side if he's down to smoke me out till im high as shit, of course I'll take it :p
  17. ahah id never turn down a bowl if it was offered to me.. just not in my DNA

  18. But the food isn't full of psychoactive chemicals.
  19. i have a pretty high tolerance so unless im physically unable to stand then i will always take another hit
  20. Aha i use to be exactly like this and for me i think it was more of a polite thing than anything else, thats just how i was raised... butttt with the ppl i smoke with now, there all big time moochers so anytime someone passes a blunt or bowl my way i def light up no questions asked :D

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