When Do You Listen To Music?

Discussion in 'General' started by Johnny, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. I used to listen to CD's at work, but I quit my job. Now I pretty much only listen to music while on the compy or driving in my car.

    How about you? When do you get the chance to crank some tunez?
  2. Im with Rasta Man, Im always listenin to some kind of music
  3. yeah either on the comp or ipod or two 12's in my Suv always blastin always blazin
  4. I have to have music on from when I wake till I fall back asleep.. I need theme music for my day :smoking:
  5. when im not in school, always

    music is so amazing

  6. Right now. Knockin' some E-40.
  7. when playin video games its pretty fun...especially if the game already has a soundtrack on it that plays durin the game
  8. LOL that reminds me of the family guy where peter gets his theme song
  9. if im in my dorm room my music is on, if im driving there is music on, if im walking to class or in class there is music on.. but any other times than those :dodgy: :'(
  10. the only time i am not listening to music is when i am watching tv or in class(and even then sometimes i have one earbud in listening) I wouldnt say 24/7 but it is atleast 95 percent of my day
  11. Whenever I am on the PC or playing on my Playstation...
  12. 24/7 365. Ipod all day at school. Bump my soundsystem whenever Im home and put on low ambient music when I sleep.
  13. A lot of times I'll mute the game music and put on a CD of my own. Some times it syncs and I freak out. Ahhahah! so cool...
  14. i listen to music mostly in the truck --- always when driving, especially when climbing through the woods.
    other than that, when partying.....loud and various.

    oh, and when doing the icky chores.....loud and heavy
  15. hmm when im ripped i usually listen to my ipod and right before i go to bed pink floyd led zeppelin,bob marley all the way:hello:
  16. Almost all the time.
  17. Same. I play music via laptop when I'm playing my Xbox. Played Morrowind while listening to Slightly Stoopid the other day. That was fun.
    Other than that, I always listen to music on compy, car, in bathtub/shower, while i sleep. yep.
  18. xbox 360 lets you listen while playing games once you upload songs onto the xbox, its cool as hell
    ( i dont have one, but roomate does)
    it has become habit to listen to music while i drift off to sleep now, hard to sleep without it......sometime during the night i will put it on the table next to the bed though
  19. I listen to music all the time but I like to really crank it up when Im ripped and when Im upset like at this $400 Brake and oil change for my car...Man life sux...I need to go burn one.

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