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When do you like to smoke?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by njhippie, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. What time of day do you like. What about when your studying? Do you ever study stoned?
  2. I like smoking at night after i've finished everything important or else I never get anything done
  3. I smoke whenever an opportunity arises. If say I wake up in the morning with bud and no ones home, then a little wakeNbake it is. But I like to smoke at nights as well, its peaceful and looking at the stars is chill.

    As for studying...well I never really studied for school so meh, don't think I could if I wanted to my mind lingers too much.
  4. i like to smoke at nights, but i have been blazzed at school

    it was perfect timeing a couple of years ago i had ate a firecracker in the bathroom, and it kicked in at football practice and every1 could tell i was high, cept the coaches=p but it was perfect timeing right when i got hungry it was lunch time:hello: fuck i ate so much, then when i got home i went to bed and woke up at like 3 in the afternoon saturday.
  5. midnight sessions FTW
  6. anytime is the best
  7. I like to smoke whenever but I really like burning in the morning
  8. Around within 5 minutes of my purchase... Or of course after a long day, a few huge rips makes it all better
  9. I like to smoke whenever I feel like it. I don't usually wake-n-bake, but I usually smoke when I get home from school, or at night. Then on weekends I smoke whenever I feel like it, or with friends.
  10. at night around 9-11 because its hard for me to stay awake alot of the time after 12 so i just fall asleep and waste the high.
  11. all day muthafucka
  12. Morning and night and sometimes like 2 aclock... Normaly due to pick up at night smoke leftovers in morning when i wake up or if i wake up late at 2 lol...
  13. I dont study. unless you mean looking up information on the internet about topics unrelated to school than yea I like toking and "studying". My favorite time would be around 7:30 pm cause than ill be ready to pass out by 9 or 9:30.
  14. Definitely at like 2-3 PM in my backyard on our deck just chilling and then smoke a cigarette as i bask in the sun haha
  15. I am not a daily smoker. On average I'll smoke only like 3 grams a month depending on how broke I am. Shits expensive here and I got no job:( But I was never one to stay high all the time just my preference. But when I do smoke I like to make it count!

    I usually smoke alone because I have few stoner friends and the kids they smoke with would ruin my high with their music (not big into rap)

    I usually smoke at night when everyone is asleep (still livin wit the rents) in the back yard then usually go inside. At night I like to smoke a full g because with my low tolerance thats enough to get me tripping to the point of seeing shit when I close my eyes. I'll write some crazy shit too and attempt to draw some trippy sketches. Then I drift off to some pink floyd. The best is waking up after that and still being a little high! Automatic wake and bake:smoking: Unfortunately I can't afford a trip of that caliber very often but I'm cool wit that cuz I like keeping my tolerance at rock bottom.

    I rarely wake and bake but I love doing it. I find the wake and bake high much lighter and euphoric especially when the weathers nice. I like to go in the woods high sometimes for a much needed spiritual lift.

    Then theres the times I get sneaky with the shit which is when I smoke with a friend. I have so many storys of close calls. Once, my friend and I who both go to the community college got stoned before class. He said it was some creeper shit where the high creeps up on you.

    We went into his car in the parking lot (heavily patrolled by those damn pesky public safety "golf carts") and we keep toking from this water bottle bong he just made while the other person stays on the lookout.

    I thought the "creeper high" was a load of bullshit but let me tell you, ITS NOT! So I keep toking and toking and thinking he had some shitty ass weed. I was thinking "does this even contain THC or is it the THC free kind like non alcoholic beer... anyway when it hits me I'm like HOLY SHIT! it creeps up on me and I feel like I just fucking smoked a g (which is like a daily smoker doing an 8th or 1/4.) I am shitfaced stoned off my ass at this point.

    So I start walking to class and get a little paranoid then I start to forget how to get to my class (first year at college) and just start to basically space out. So I skip class and chill in my car with my ipod. Good times.

    Once I smoked right before philosophy class and I walk in baked as fuck and sit next to my stoner friend and he stare at me and all I can say is "I am baked as fuck dude" We worked in groups for a project and when it was over they were like, I know what ur doing after class. I used no eye drops ar deoderant and probably stank up the whole classroom.

    Last night I pulled an all nighter and tried studying high for the first time. Really just a mild buzz off like 3 good hits (a pinch) of average to high mids. I too have a history of not studying so it was all a bit new to me lol but I had shit to get done.

    And the verdict - at a mild buzz dose it made this painfully boring business book funny which helped me to keep reading. It even helped me slow down my mind which helped me focus. Weed for ADD is legit, you just have to stop when you have just a buzz. When that wore off I took 20mg of some of my brothers old adderall prescription and I can tell you now from experience that weed was at least as good. The Adderall helped me to focus my distractions.

    Sorry for the rambling btw. I got no sleep last night and I'm pretty fairly wired on adderall and a shitload of coffee so I can get the work done that I tried to do last night. I'm usually so quiet but I think I'm starting to drive my parents crazy by not shutting up. This should be moved to the "official" I'm high thread! lol:smoking: Well I think I'll take some more adderall (or maybe i'll try his ritilin this time lol, my parents are so oblivious) and see if I can't still cop a decent buzz off the res from those mids I smoked 2 days ago. HOLY SHIT I'm WIRED!!! Well basically that is my part-time stoner life story brought to you by adderall and coffee.

    Keep on tokin dat good herb my friends.:smoking: Holy shit its 4:20!
  16. Personally not a wake and baker. I smoke between 12pm and 3am. :D
  17. At night fo sho. About 4 hours before I go to bed when I have nothing important to do. I just like the dark in general when I smoke too...the lights are all bright! LOL.
  18. Whenever my girlfriend isn't home.
    We toke together but being high with some great music while sippin' on that grape drank is really enjoyable,

    actually, anytime is fine. :smoke:

    I decided five minutes ago that it was time.:smoking:
  19. I like to wake n bake if I don't have to go to work or school that day...
    I like to get all my work done before I smoke, or I'll get to zoned out to do anything.
  20. dude i will tell you wake n bake is the shit , ushally i shower first tho go out back in teh towel and spark up, umm weedddddd

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