when do you harvest?

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  1. i've read to harvest when 50% of the hairs turn color. i've also read 80% what do you prefer?

  2. i prefer the amber buzz so i wait as long as i can stand it. usually a little more than half.
  3. probably when 80% of the trichs turn amber.
  4. ive heard many times that you go by trich color and not hair color. my buds have been flowering for almost ten weeks now and over 50% of the pistils are brownish/yellowish but i dont have any amber trichs. i gotta wait it out.
  5. Agreed, Hairs do not determine ripeness. Got to look at the trichomes.
  6. 50% is when I get antsy, but I usually harvest when the next batch of plants are ready to flower. Try to let them go 60 days. Succeed most times and occasionally I let them go for another 10.
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    Dont go by the hairs, go bye trichromes, which seems to be 55 days, 7 plants induced every 3 weeks , harvest every 3 weeks. Also when the thc changes to tbn (amber trichromes) the quality is degraging. Dont look at anything; hairs, trichromes,) 55 days religously. No stress, no headaches, no guessing, no unflushed product, and productivity is consistant. In my opinion.
  8. Are you suggesting to cut down any MJ plant at 55 days, regardless of strain/trichs/conditions? Bad advice right there.
  9. ^^ for sure, some sativas take over 100 days to finish flowering
  10. If you want to waste 3 more crops go ahead and wait 100 days. But if you do 9 week cycles and add more plants to flower every three weeks you wont care about the hairs, trust me.
  11. lol yeah but if ur gonna grow the plant u should just finish it,early buds isnt nearly as fun :smoking:
  12. I am having a HELL of a time trying to get a decent focus to see the trics....

    Any tips?

    Should I maybe just snip a leaf with trichs on it to study it?

    I don't know what it is, but I cannot get a decent look at them.

    Tips appreciated
  13. Bullshit. You had better damn well have the correct strain for your timeframe....if you are having success with that method, I think you've just gotten lucky that they have all been 8 week plants....

    BTW, 55 days isn't even 8 weeks, dunno where you got nine.
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  15. this is brilliant.

  16. i like the thought too:D:D:D its a straight forward guide to a prepetual harvest.:cool:

  17. +1rep :cool:
  18. The problem with that, is that there's no such thing.

    I go by when the plant is ready. Cloudy/Amber mix on the trichs, receding stigmas, calyx development, and overall look of the plant. When you walk into the room one morning and realize "she's ready", because it just looks and smells so good that you just know. Really, it's just experimenting, find what you like, and don't be afraid to take a branch early, or to let one plant flower late. Familiarity with the plant trumps any other indicator.

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