when do you guys think its the time..

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  1. to plant some in the mountains in the neorgia Ga area...weve got a bunch of land and shit up there and i want to go out and just plot some around diff parts of the mountain..
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    When does it get cold up there? I mean, no one can really tell you when to plant up there unless they grow in the same area. You have to look at your conditions and figure out for yourself. But we can help you figure it out.

    Basically, it depends on how big you want your plants. MJ basically grows the whole part of the year that is relatively warm, and will bud when the days start shortening regardless of the size.

    So if you plant right when it starts warming up (im assuming sometime really soon here just like the rest of us.) It will grow the whole season , and get really big, before the end when its budding cycle gets triggered. Dont do that if you want stealth. But if you think you can have that big of plants, good for you cause those are huge yields!

    But you can plant later in the season as well and have a smaller plant and it will bud out when its time.

    You could have a 8ft plant next to a 3 ft plant and they would both start budding at the same time. (provided theyre of the same genes/strain, different varietys tend to have slightly different times) but for the most part are all budding around that same time period (when the days shorten), just some finish earlier and whatnot. So make sure your strain (if not using bag seed) will finish before the area your growing in gets too cold. But there are also what they call auto flowering strains, that have very short life cycles, and bud automatically without waiting for the day change, thus making them finish around 8 - 10 weeks from seed. You get a smaller yield, but you can grow several crops a season, and they're easy to conceal due to the fact that they range from around 1 ft to like, 4 ft ive heard some of the ak47's get that big.

    also check this out

  3. I'd go online and figure out when you're last frost typically is and then plan to germinate your seeds around 15-30 days after that date. For me I'll be putting my babies outdoors in the beginning of May, but it depends on your area, just make sure you don't go to early and have them die due to a frost that hits later than normal or that the area isn't too cold at the time you plant. The cycle outdoors is much longer so you also need to find out when the frost will hit again, so if you typically get frost in early October you want to make sure you're plants will finish flowering by the end of September. If you buy your seeds online then the sites will list the average flowering time in weeks and give you a rough estimate of when the plants typically finish flowering outdoors. Also if you're going to buy your seeds online I'd suggest just going with some feminized seeds so you won't have to worry about pulling males out of the bunch and wasting value time and effort in waiting for your plants to show sex. It'd be a shame to go that long to grow them and then have a frost destroy your harvest. Research and planning goes along way to having a successful grow, so get to it and good luck!
  4. Mid March is when i would start, im starting a little earlier here in Tallahassee but who cares, Its going to be warm out before you know it.
  5. Yeah I for sure want them to grow as tall as possible..lots of mountains and spots to plant..low by a river a good place or towards the top?
  6. Down by the river is good for water. You dont wanna be hauling water up the hill for your huge plants, theyre gonna need a lot. As long as your place gots light.
  7. Well I don't plan on visitng the grow that often..could I rig up something from the river to water them for good?
  8. To rig something from the river , the river would have to be elevated higher than the plants that way gravity can do its' thing and draw water down the piping.

  9. do u have any ideas of how to get water to the plants constanly?

  10. do u have any ideas of how to get water to the plants constanly? Bc I won't be able to check them on a daily basis..
  11. Only if you stocked up hella water higher on the hill than your plot, and made an auto watering system.
  12. I water myself, at night, with a wheelbarrow or small cart if necessary. Ride my bike to the water source if nec. I choose my spots/ water source. 30 mins away by foot without water is ok. (45-1 hour with). Some spots are 15 mins away from water. Keep it simple to start with . Few plants + containers + water source + your arms + night.

  13. maybe with a 50 gallon drum that could be possible? but you dont think theres any way i can run a hose through the river to the plot of its near by
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    Yes, you could, as long as the river was higher than your grow point.

    Yeah like a 50 gal drum would water a few plants for like a week once they got big, so youd be refilling the resivoir, but not as often as you would be walking up and down watering.

    Plus you could do like i had in mind (still just an idea) bind several drums somehow or just buy a huuuge water container. So that you can store more water.

    Also, you know about the articles by Cannibusblunt and oldpork on making one of these machines right?

    There on this site, you should be able to find them but i can give you a link if not.
  15. Could I get the link please?
  16. i would just check your local weather repot and find out if there is going to be a frost or get below freezing. if it doesnt get below freezing your plants will grow fine

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