when do you experienced growers harvest>(trich color)

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  1. I want maximum potentcy. Ive down research on trichom color but get mixed results. some say havest, when cloudy, some say havest when amber, some say 50/50. So i wanna know, whats your ratio? I know it depends on te high you want, but of course i want the best high which will only be braught upon buy maximum potency. just need this to be cleared up fo me. thanks,
    pus can i get away with like a 10x magnification?
  2. 50/50 is pretty standard but you can tailor the buzz somewhat by harvesting sooner/later. You can tailor the high somewhat by harvesting sooner/later. I prefer a more energetic buzz so I always harvested a little earlier than that. Harvesting earlier produces a more energetic and up buzz while harvesting later makes it more of a knock-out, couch lock buzz.
  3. Why does it do that?
  4. While the trichomes are clear (premature), the THC is still developing and does not yet posses the physical high properties of a ripe bud. When the trichomes are cloudy they are at their peak THC content, but have not yet begun to produce cannabanoids, which provide the narcotic affects of marijuana. As the trichomes turn from cloudy to amber, the THC content slightly decreases, but the trichs begin to produce the cannabanoids, which give you that narcotic stoney high.
  5. thanks for your reply, i think i might try different ratios, see what i like. I think i would like a more energitic high, so early may be the way for me. Now i just need to get a magnifying glass.
  6. if you've got a big enough plant then harvest it at a couple of different stages of color and give yourself sort of a sampling, that way you'll know for your next grow.
    personally I do it for the variety

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