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When do you consider yourself a pot head or seasoned toker?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by powertopeeps, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. I've been smoking let's say weekendly since like November and now I've been called a pot head by a few people. Idk it just kind of pisses me off for being called that. Almost every guy in my grade right now smokes pot, there are a few who don't or at least have never tried it. and I mean, I'm being called this by people who smoke also, which kind of makes me feel really? Worst part is after they say the stupid line "Yo, I hear you're like the biggest stoner ever, [comes the] but you don't look or act like one"

    The weekly toking is only because I don't have a good dealer, I have many shitty ones that have good dope. Once the summer comes, I'm planning on smoking daily just because I'll have my two part time, well paying jobs again, instead of none [sucks that both my jobs are summer orientated right?] I'll hopefully have a steady dealer once more as well.

    Anyway, when do you consider yourself a full true stoner and not a noob or on a distinguished road toker? By the way, I've only been smoking since August.
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    who cares, lables are for upper class society, you can call me a crack head if you want, i dont even do crack, but i will smile at you and say "yes, you are 100% correct, i AM a crack head"
  3. The Society of Seasoned Tokers will contact you about initiation when the time comes. In the meantime they'll be watching you and evaluating your progress.
  4. fuck the ignorant. if they are calling you a pothead as an insult, just embrace it. they know nothin. how do you act like a stoner? that is stupid as hell.

    i considered myself a pothead when i decided that i enjoyed getting high. simple enough.

  5. When's our next meeting? Saturday or Tuesday? I'm too fucked up to remember.
  6. You know better than to discuss this on an open channel!
  7. Hahaha.. In my opinion, you're a seasoned toker when you are mature enough to know how to use it and can use it in moderation if needed. And of course you must know a lot about the cheeba.

    In the process of learning/ reading about growing, you learn a lot. Watching your own bud grow is definitely a cool process.
  8. I feel like im such a young padawan

  9. "Toking is the path to the Seasoned Side. Toking leads to buzzing. Buzzing leads to munchies. Munchies leads to pretzels." - Yoda, The Unwritten Speakings of the Stoner Jedi, Second Edition
  10. Honestly, there's obvious things like amount smoked, and for how many years etc. that could constitute a seasoned toker, but if you really have to ask what makes a seasoned toker, you haven't gotten there yet.. You'll know when you are
  11. Pot heads are not seasoned tokers.
  12. kinda like the N-word IMHO

    I can call my friend's stoners/potheads they dont care. It's when outsiders use it in a condescending way when i get pissed off
  13. I'd say to be a "pothead" you hang out with people who smoke pot often, you yourself smoke herb often atleast a gram a day.
    I smoke about an 8th of exotics on a bad day, up to zips on fun nights.
    I'm more than a pot head though, fuck that label.
    I'm an educated, responsible, cannabis connisuer, and use it medically and recreationally.
  14. I've always looked at it as pot head=addicted to weed stoner=weed is a big part of your life but your life doesn't revolve around it
  15. Yeh stoner is better, or herb enthusiast. ;)
  16. I had to put up wit the same bullshit, back in the seventh grade. except that was when i started, n I only smoked 2-3 times, then stopped for a while. It really doesn't matter how much u smoke, people will always continue to label marijuana users as potheads. In the end, it's best to just ignore it n tell people to fuck off.

  17. lmfao lmfao lmfao. that reminds me of the game oblivion on xbox 360 and pc. hahahahahah cause like all the clubs you can join say "well we will be watching you and evaluting your progress of dragon killing and witch hunting." just reminded me of that game but i am so lifted hahahhh
  18. i consider myself a halfway seasoned toker, i just need the years that they got. i have knowledge overall, not much on personal growing but i will by 2010.;)
  19. The day I considered myself to be what this forum calls a "seasoned toker" was the day I went to a smoke sesh and knew more about pot than everyone there. Some people who have been smoking for years don't even know how to birth a bowl. It's amazing.
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    made me fucking chuckle bro....

    i'd say experimenting with many different smoknig tools smoking some real dank...operating while blitted in several different situations and encorporating your bud habits into your daily life qualifys you as seasoned....i'd also add rolling a blunt!!!! but i know some people who have smoked more then i but since someone else is always around to roll he/she never has to.....dont be concerned with public opinion you smoke bud because you enjoy it (i hope so anyway )

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