When do you clone?

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  1. Okay, I am not completely sure when to clone. I have ready almost anything you can think of but it still doesn't give you a safe time to clone.


    This is my plant, I am still not sure what sex it is. It's been 4 weeks to the time of the picture was taken. Any thoughts?

    I also went to my growing store and they were out of rockwool cubes so I got this other brand, they told me it was good. So whatever I will try it.

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  2. (A quote from 'Briian 420' in another thread, and a link to the grow guide)-

    "cloning is not as hard as most people think it is. all u do is once u have a well established plant (1 or 2 weeks before flowering time) delicately cut off one of the branches at about a 45 degree angle apply ur rooting hormone to the cut part of the plant and stick it in the dirt within a couple of days it should take root and continue to grow.

    edit- u don't absolutely have to use rooting hormones. just speeds things up and increases success rate."


    Hope this helps!
  3. I know all there is about to know about cloning (such as procedure), I just need to know the sudgested size and age of the plant. Does my plant look ready?
  4. It definitely looks to me that you could get a clone or two off of that. Hope everything works out well!

  5. i would wait about another 2 weeks on that plant it takes about a month for the cut spots to regrow nicly so it will slow down overall growth if you can only take a few clones now, wait and then when you can take 6 or 8 clones take 2 then. that way your plant will still have many branches to make budsights
  6. can you clone when in flowering stage?
  7. You can take clones up to one week into flowering, but much more than that and it will take too long to be worth the while. If taken a week or less into flowering, it should only need a week to two weeks to revert to veg.

    Needless to say, it's much easier to take clones a week before flowering.


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