When do you clean a metal pipe?

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  1. I usually smoke from bongs or pretty glass bowls or blunts with my friends so I usually never have to worry about anything other then smoking it lol
    But my friend gave me some bud last night and a little metal pipe and I haven't smoked from a metal pipe with no carb before but it's not hard, I got high as shit last night.
    But when I got home and looked at it and took it apart it was filthy, it was just straight up black ashes and gum wrappers all through the pipe and everything, is that normal for someone to put stuff in that for a metal pipe?
    But anyway I tried cleaning it as much as I can by blowing it out and using a q tip and like I said I packed it, lit it, smoked it, felt amazing so I guess it's okay but I cannot believe how filthy it was, how dirty do you guys let yours get and how thoroughly should I clean it? Cause I feel like it still needs to be cleaned more lol
    Also I don't wanna waste anything so when do you usually stop smoking? I stopped when everything was just pretty much black and it would get hot when I inhale

  2. Gum wrappers? You smoked gum wrappers? Throw that thing away. I have a metal pipe that i clean after every use.
  3. No no I took all that crap out and tried to clean it best I could then smoked.
    I just don't understand why or how that thing could have been so dirty lo
  4. when it says clean me, seymour
  5. Wat?

    Iso+salt in a plastic bag, shake, then rinse thoroughly with hot water.

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  6. Whoever owned the pipe stuffed the wrappers into it as a built in filter system so they wouldn't have to inhale/taste ash. All stoners think they're engineers. They aren't, they just do stupid shit like that.

  7. I usually clean my piece every time I buy a new bag. I sit down, smoke a bowl and get to work cuz it's relaxing and gets me a shit ton of resin to mix on top of my bowls.
    It's mostly personal preference because I had a pipe that I didn't clean for two years... It was literally filled up with resin. When I got done cleaning it I probably had around 5 grams of resin.

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