When do you change?

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  1. Your grinder ?
  2. When it breaks or I lose it
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  3. no need really,,
    break a grinder? i see maybe a screen but still wondering how...
  4. i dont use grider all finger for me even if rolling,,.,, for the love of it.
  5. I'm a fairly aggressive grinder.
  6. Jk. It's easy to mess up the threads on even nice ass grinders and then it's basically broken. Or the magnet can wear out and fall out. I've seen both happen to other people
  7. image.jpeg If you clean the upper 2 pieces with household alcohol and keep the edges clear they'll last a long time. I just ordered another one so I have an indica and Sativa one. Rec store purchase today. Wasn't even butt hurt about the total 17.4% taxes. It's good sheeeeet.
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  8. You see that little handle on top of this grinder? Well imagine like a 2-3cm screw is the only thing keeping that handle attached to the grinder. Well I put too much bud in it once, and snapped that bad boy right off. Depends on the grinder and I would never recommend these.


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  9. Tinder broken again?
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  10. Yea change it when it fucks up
  11. I bought one of these and literally ended up with little metal shavings in my grinded up weed after a while. I was fucking pissed, then the mesh screen broke. Yeah, these things are fucking garbage.
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    They last a pretty long time, maybe clean it once in awhile as well. Yeah, unless something breaks, not too worry. I also like the bigger grinders.
  13. I use a medtainer they are the shit, plus they're waterproof/smell proof
  14. still have my first grinder, for over 10 years, hate myself for breaking 2 teeth off last week when i tried slamming all the chunked weed out, grr

    best 2$ spend
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  15. I had a fluorescent green polycarbonate grinder I used for three years before passing it on down when I moved. Best freebee I ever got.

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