When do you change your nutes when growing hydroponically

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  1. When you are changing from Veg stage to Flowering stage when do you change your nutes?  Do you change your nutes a few weeks after you start the flowering stage or do you keep using the nute that you were using when you were vegging and just ad the new nutes for flowering?  when do you change the nutes for flowering?

  2. Guess no one knows
  3. still waiting on an answer!
  4. Calm down lol, and give more then 20 minutes for a reply. If you want speedy information head over to google and do a little research, but if you need to be babied through everything then ya gotta be patient. I do a Res and nute change the day I flip my lights to avoid nitrogen toxicity during flower
  5. so when you go to flowering your only using the flowering nutes then.
  6. Yeah, I'm running a rdwc system and only change out the water once per grow, and that's when I'm about to flower so I can get rid of all the veg nutes and start on the flowering regime with fresh water
  7. That is what I thought and that is what I did also.  I change the water completely out and started with the other nutes
  8. Thanks for your help!!!
  9. No problem^_^!! Sorry if I came off rude
  10. you didn't.  just been smoking and drinking here didn't want feed to get lost.  Thanks again for your help I greatly appreciate it!!!
  11. i use veg nutes for 1 week to ten days after the flip then i switch to bloom nutes but put 1ml of veg nutes to help keep leaves green then around week 5 of flower i start adding pk boost :D hope that helps

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  12. Yes that helps appreciate all feed back I get!!!
  13. oops didnt notice the hydro part bed time for me then

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  14. lol no problem
  15. I reduce my light from 18/6 to 15/9 then 12/12 and change nutes to bloom when the first 12/12 cycle starts if that helps
  16. this is a good way to do it. I usually wait about 10 days after switching to 12/12 to change over to flowering nutrients
  17. I've been doing a full feed every time I change the res, which is once a week. My girls seem to love it

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  18. it works for me everytime and works very well :) with AN nutes Im using starting from full will very likely to burn

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