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When do YOU, change your bong water?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by imhighritenow, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. welcome to GC bro,

    OT: after ever sesh unless its black at some point during...
  2. Every 2-3 bowls, then clean to new spec every day.
  3. Caution; DRINKING bong water WILL produce MINOR psychoactive effect.
    I heard that too. IT MUST BE TRUE!
    someone try it and report back. then go brush ur teeth :smoke:
  4. I dump that shit out after every session.. right when I'm done smoking. The smell of that water is nasty; can't have that shit sitting around.
  5. every night i put my bong in a tank of simple green,
    so every morning all i gotta do is give it a rinse, and filler up.

    squeeky brand new clean, and fresh :)
  6. I change the bong water everyday at least once depending on how much its been used.
  7. I love fresh water in my bong. So depends on how much i smoke but everyday at least or after 3 bowls pulled through.
  8. I change the water after every couple of bowls.
  9. Yeah, Id rather put filtered water in my pieces then tap.

    I also change my water every sesh, and I make sure to really wash it out. Ive toked with people who NEVER clean their pieces, and its pretty nasty if you ask me.
  10. If I use it every day then every day. If only for a ses then once before and more later if the water gets too warm or starts to taste funny or harsher. But guess if you dont care could change once a month if you wanted to.
  11. Usually once a day out of the cheap bong if I smoke out of it. I change the water in the RooR after each bowl. I also rinse out the downstem since its a diffused downstem and sometimes weed will get through and clog it. I give it a good clean at the end of the day so my wake-n-bake will be tasty.
  12. Yea i dont like using tap water, i've never thought about using distilled water. I just use bottled water. And not dasani, or aquafina crap. Ice mountain ahhh pure as the driven snow haha. But i change my water evey 2-3 bowls, or when i notice the water has a yellow tint to it
  13. Whenever im done smoking lol, kinda a stupid question. Anyone that keeps bong water over a day or a whole day is gross
  14. when i feel like it lol

  15. Youre way better off just making Green Dragon.

  16. Well, yes and no.

    It's not that the water itself is fundamentally different, but what it also in the water. Distilled water is pure, tap water has a ton of extra minerals and shit in it.
  17. ^ very true...

    But i like to change mine after a few sesh's .... so usually about a week.
  18. every session. its so disgusting when someone rarely changes their water. there really is no excuse. smells like pure ass.

    and for you tap water hating purists lol, nothing comes close to Fiji water in a piece. i consider all other water still tap water. matter of fact, besides Fiji and Deer Park, all other brands taste HORRIBLE. all bottled water still has shit in it though. you are fooling yourself if you think its 100% H20.
  19. every day i change my bong water:bongin::bongin:
  20. + rep my man

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