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When do YOU, change your bong water?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by imhighritenow, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. my rule: dont smoke what you wont drink

  2. ^ So what then, every hit?

    I rinse and empty mine after every sesh.
  3. ya homes you gotta put fresh h2o and fresh ice cubes
  4. Every new smoke. So if I have a few bowls in one sitting, I'll stick with the same water but if a few hours goes by, I'll change the water.

    It's just so easy. I never understood why people let it sit for so long. On top of changing that water I actually scrub the thing out pretty often too. It's just so worth it! Fresh water leads to nice tokes and then if it accidentally gets knocked over (because hey, it happens) you don't have gnarly bong water all over your carpet.
  5. I change it after every sesh unless we smoke 3 bowls worth then i rinse it out and add some fresh O2. But you have to rinse it out with hot water if you want it to keep its shine IMO
  6. when it tastes nasty pulling air through it
  7. you're supposed to change that shit?? :confused:

  8. hahaha, but yes i also refuel the bong every session, even if its just a bowl
  9. well...ideally, i would change it every day.

    but i have to change it after every sesh, because the ice melts and makes the water too high for my taste. i have a straight tube and only need a couple inches of water in there, and after a sesh, the ice melts and makes the level too high
  10. once a day, if im using ice which raises the water level i change it every sesh when i change the ice:bongin:
  11. every 2-3 tokes
  12. i fill before and empty and rinse after every use
  13. until it's black
  14. Every couple hours or so. Distilled water is like a dollar for a gallon; no need to be stingy.

    You wouldn't put regular fuel in a Ferrari and run it on fumes...

    Also, am I the only person who will never put tap water in my bong? I don't have any scientific basis for this at all, but I feel like hits with distilled water are much cleaner.
  15. Daily for sure, if i'm smoking a lot in one sitting I like to rinse it every few bowls.
  16. I change the water every sitting.

    every day or two when the bong starts getting smelly/dirty I clean it. :bongin:
  17. Every time I pack it, water is cheap.
  18. Really dont see the point in that. H2O is H2O
  19. lol tap water is cleaner then bottled water silly, bottled water has plastic toxins in it (I drink like 5 bottles a day :mad:). I change my water every sesh.

  20. DIRTY Bong water will not effect your body
    HOWEVER; Your hit will not be as smooth AND will not taste as good.

    Caution; DRINKING bong water WILL produce MINOR psychoactive effect.

    Hope this helps you ;)

    Edit:: The water you use might change MINOR effects of your weed.

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