When do you change out your rez?

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  1. Hey guys, I'm almost done with Veg and want to know if I should FULLY replace the rez, or can I just add some G.H. FloraKleen cleaning solution before my weekly nute adition, and run it for a few hours or a day, then add nutes?
    I have about 40 gallons of water in the system, and the plants drink about 8 gallons a day so technically the water is being replaced every 5 days or so.
    How long do you guys go without changing the rez?
  2. I use my veg solution for a week of 18/6 then switch to 12/12 for a week with no problems(using Lucas formula). Once in flower I completely drain my resevoir and completely flush my system with ph'd water every 2 weeks...have had no problems:smoke:
  3. you should completely change out the water every 10-14 days. The plants arnt taking up nutrients in the exact ratios that your giving it. So you'll end up with build up of certain nutrients.
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    Every 10 days???!!! That MUST be an old wives tale.. that or if you have a tiny res.
    Under 2 months of veg, heavy fimming, supercropping, and defoliation.
    I bet they'd be fine with NO res change. But I don't want to risk it. Haha :D

    *edit* Sorry if that came off rude

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  5. Well when I did it was only one plant in a 5 gal bucket. Either way, logically the more often you do it the better it ought to be.

  6. Thats probably it, as I got 40 gallons of water in mine

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